Finding Light

This one is a short song written by my newest character, who is not a bard. Shock, right? That not all songs have to be written by bards? xD Anyway. She’s an Assarai (Lizardfolk) in the Ptolus setting (one of my favorites). She’s a Lothianite Paladin who meets with a good deal of surprise because of her race. She found her faith while she was a slave, and this song is how she answers the question about when she found it. Enjoy~

Finding Light

Despair of the heart
Reached out in the dark
My fate taken from my hands

And yet light was found
While slavery bound
Me to another’s demands…

Dreams slowly grew
The more that I knew
A teacher kept whispering words

The Daykeeper roams
Through so many homes
Could he offer flight to the birds?

And if so, then me?
Could he help me see
Where joy lingered within my life?

Perhaps he could,
Perhaps he would…
Guide me away from my strife…

Crystalline Lace

Well, music came up in a role play again so here is another song from me. This time just a single character moved to song by the beauty around her in a relatively standard fantasy setting. Enjoy~

Crystalline Lace

Here in this water
Beneath open sky
Let rivers flow gently away

Dreams in their current
Like a loverโ€™s sigh
Carried to another day

Leaves dancing freely
In boughs high above
As we wander sweetly below

Secrets are whispered
By winds to the dove…
Answers the waterfalls know…

Here let us linger
In this gentle place…
Time fades away in my mind…

Here with a single
Crystalline lace
How much sweet wonder I find…

A Riddle

Ahh, it’s been a while. I admit, I’ve been having trouble writing poetry lately. Life’s just been a bit hectic and complicated. I did, however, write a rhyming riddle today that I would be happy to use in a campaign so I thought I would share it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

What has no flame, but a burning kiss
And casts off light that’s hard to miss?
Ringing echoes all around
A purposeful and steady sound.
It possesses no fixed form
Lest clouds and death make it transform.

My answer for this was Forged Metal, though I’ve had people answer in other ways that also work. Honestly I recommend if you use a riddle at a table to consider allowing any answer that can work with the riddle put forth by your players to be acceptable as it can get very frustrating for those that aren’t particularly good at riddles to keep guessing. I speak from personal experience. ๐Ÿ˜†

Gray’s Shoulders

Gray’s Shoulders

Sway of sweet Gray’s shoulders
As we walk along…
Bare feet on the open roads
The rhythm of our song…

Clop of haughty horse’s hooves
Not far from where we tread
And who could begin to dwell
On terror or on dread?

The sky is bright above us!
The winds blow fair from the east!
And sun shines down upon the land
As far as we can see!

Sway of sweet Gray’s shoulders
Marking time for me…
As callus feet find road below,
They fall so steadily.

Toss of horse’s prissy manes
Just my arm’s length away
Could you believe these knightly bays
Can give the donkey’s heinous bray?

Oh-ho the sun is bright!
Oh-ho we’ll sing tonight!
Oh-ho the world’s alight
For all hearts to see!

The Lords of Ladamere

My bard used ‘inspire courage’ for the first time this game (Fellow D&Ders will understand) and sang a little song about some adventurers well-known in stories and fables of her area. I figure this one can be used in just about any setting. Particularly if you change the ending syllable from ‘mere’ to something more fitting… So, the Elves of Glassy Mere, for example. Or The Dwarves of Deep Dunweir. etc. etc. It will preserve the internal rhyme scheme in the lines while better flavoring the song for someone else’s tale.

Anyway, enjoy~

The Lords of Ladamere

The Lords of Ladamere, how loud their horns are blowing
As battle wages far and near with their wives never knowing
The danger that their lives are in when our bright sun starts rising
And how it all begins again with routine so surprising.

The Lords of Ladamere, bravely fought and bravely won
A host of battles here, so legacy is not undone!
And warriors, each one, with hearts of stone and blades of steel
With their journey begun turn mind away from home and field.

Ba-dun ba-dun ba-duuun the mighty horn is calling
Ba-dun ba-dun ba-duuun their comrades yet are falling
Ba-duuun ba-duuun do you hear the mourning sound
Ba-duuun ba-duuun as knights sweep over blood-soaked ground

A Lord of Ladamere, will fight with fire in his heart
Protecting what is dear, seeking but to do his part.
So take up arms and join the call when battle rages long
Protect the home of one and all and stand together strong!

Take up arms and heed the horn that in the distance blares
And let the whispers in the morn carry all our prayers!