Fire Mephit

Another PF2E bestiary poem chosen at random from creatures in the first bestiary between level -1 and 1. This one is level 1 creature. So the write up for 2e fire mephits basically describes them as fickle sadists…

From the Journal of Vyscaria

Today was an interesting day. I left the cave behind a few days ago with the lovely Fire Beetles. I think my encounter at them had put me more at ease than I should have allowed… I saw the smoke from a fire and drew close. What I found was… well… Beautiful, if intense… See, there was this really intricate looking cage, only … It was on its side, and I’m guessing the thing that had been inside it is what I saw dancing around the burning encampment. I couldn’t stay very long because the damn critter was setting everything on fire. I didn’t find out til later what it’s called, but I worked it into my song after the fact. My first elemental monster

Fire Mephit

Bright orange skin and fire-kissed wings
Foretell the trouble the fire mephit brings.

Entranced by the burning,
Unfazed by the anguish;
The dance of their yearning
Leaves others to languish.

They watch with delight as the fire consumes
Seeing through even the thickest of plumes.

Gladdened by mewling
And spellbound by cinders;
The flames they are fueling
With far more than flinders.

If they should suffer from any malaise
They regain their vigor by touching a blaze.

Uplifted by ashes,
And free of remorse;
The fire’s light flashes
As it runs its course.

They can draw a deep breath and usher forth flame,
Or gnash with their teeth to burn and to maim.

Bewitched by each ember,
Enchanted by pain;
No time to remember
Each creature they’ve slain.

Bright orange skin and fire-kissed wings
The last that you’ll see of these troublesome things.