The Monastery

Today’s is actually one I wrote a bit before ‘Caution & Sight’. I wrote it for Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale of Guild Wars 2 (the rights to those places are theirs, of course). However, I didn’t make any reference to their proper names, so it’s not really setting-specific, which means it’s easy to adapt to any other setting. Yay that! I’m trying to write more of those lately, though the GW2 poetry will continue coming, I’m sure, as I continue playing.

Also, another creative soul from GW2 approached me about possibly putting music to some of my GW2 poetry. If that happens I’ll be sure to share the links to the final versions of the compositions since it will give you something to actually listen to in addition to something to read! 😀

In the meantime, enjoy:

The Monastery

Fire burns bright in the dark of night
Smoke and heat obscure the light
Upon the face of frozen grace
Cold to the touch beneath a lace

Of flowers growing. Wind is blowing
And people pass while never knowing
What they miss in a place like this –
A fleeting glimpse of bliss.

So I wander here year after year
To glimpse the blossoms ‘neath a sky so clear
That you can see all that may be
Roaming through the fields so free.

It takes but a moment, truly a token
Of time here to know what is so potent
Someone’s devotion, their noble notion
Captured in stone to stir our emotion.

So the fire burns, bright in the night
And shadows dance along with her light
Against the face of an angel carved in stone
And set here to remind us that we aren’t alone.

The night grows deep, time doesn’t keep
But moves along so silently
As some sweet soul goes on a stroll
Throughout the monastery, whole

To find this day has kept at bay
The troubles haunting them from far away
And then to share what they can spare
For others on a day so fair.