About & Rules

Here I will log my scribblings for my many role playing campaigns. This will take the form of stories chronicling the events of my solo campaigns with my husband and poetry related to role playing. The poetry will come in many forms, including but not limited to tavern songs, bard’s telling of adventures, cute, little romances, religious tunes… All will be found within, though many are written for a specific setting… So…

Here’s the deal. I don’t expect many will find this little trove of my writings, but if you happen to find it and need a good song to help set the mood for your own tavern setting in your own role playing game I am happy to share on two conditions.

*Condition One:  Do not, under any circumstance, claim the poem is of your crafting. You do this and we are not friends. And that’s sad because I like friends.

Condition Two  (optional):  Post a comment on the poem you want to use and say “Hey, I’m using this poem!”. Kudos to you if you can also furnish a link so I can see it in action.

Honestly, telling others where you found any poem you may choose to use would be appreciated as it might give me more traffic here, but really I’m just using this as a place to archive my poetry written for RPGs. I’ll be happy just knowing any of it found use somewhere else.

Categories… Should be self-explanatory.. So, no explanation after all save to say.. Look at them if you’re after a specific type of poem. 🙂

*Note that condition one applies to OOC. As in, don’t say, “I wrote this poem for my character.” IC on the other hand.. Feel free to say, “Julianne wrote it during downtime.” I don’t char if you fictionally claim your character wrote one of my songs and have it be true in your campaign or story, I just don’t want you, the human being, to take credit for my work. ^^;