The Brine Banshee’s Rest

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers are contained within for the Skull & Shackles campaign path. I would not read this if you don’t want to encounter said spoilers.

A little song Dolce put together about their exploration of The Brine Banshee.

The Brine Banshee’s Rest

From the deep sea he called to me,
Down from the scattering debris….
He sang of his secrets and treasures too
And then there was not much left to do
But make my way below…

Down we swam, to the ocean floor,
The pressure grew louder than we could ignore.
But there in the deep where the light all dies,
Her wreckage loomed before our eyes…
There so far below…

We swam through the bow and then through the stern
And all of her secrets did we learn.
We came to the hold in the water cold
And confronted a monster from legends of old…
In the cold below…

The aboleth preyed upon all our minds,
It twisted our thoughts like a toy that winds.
We overcame its malicious play
And there does its body lie today
There in the wreck below…

We left the Brine Banshee where she rests,
Taking her treasures from her chests.
Her scattered remains yet linger there
A reminder to all of the fates we dare…
Lost to the world below…

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