S&S: Session 27 – The Hunt

Spoiler Warning: Many spoilers for the Skull & Shackles adventure path are contained within these story recap posts. If you don’t want your campaign spoiled, don’t read these!

When the last of the cargo of The Dryad’s Grave was brought aboard The Purr they set their course north of the Shackles. Haneilius admitted he’d described The Brine Banshee‘s course a bit misleadingly, but Mirielle had expected as much. She was a pirate, no matter how gentle her reputation was. Following the man’s instructions ultimately had them traveling north by northwest. Mirielle had taken the Ring of the Iron Skull from Dolce and given it Haneilius so he could be the one to locate the rough whereabouts of the ship.

After lights out on the day of their encounter with The Dryad’s Grave Nasha led Owlbear to the kitchen. Long ago Mirielle had told Ambrose that any time the crew ate crab Owlbear was going to help him crack the shells. Owlbear usually only ate one or two while assisting and it made him very happy to do so. Tonight Nasha lingered as well and watched Owlbear diligently cracking crabs for Ambrose.

Ambrose cooked them, singing to himself as he did so. It occurred to Nasha that she hadn’t seen Fishguts drink in quite a long time. “Crabs still your favorite, Owlbear?”

“I love crabs! Narwhale gave me a crab.” Owlbear said.

“Oh, I remember. Narwhale was a good dwarf,” Ambrose said.

“Good dwarf. Good crab.”

Nasha smiled. “You like cooked crabs better now, right?”

Owlbear smiled and nodded enthusiastically. “Cooked crabs!”

Nasha looked over at Ambrose as he took the crabs out of the boiling pot and put them into a cold bucket. Owlbear didn’t care much about presentation after all. “Want to help me take these to Jack?” Nasha asked.

“Good crabs! Take to Jack!” Owlbear said.

Nasha nodded. “To Jack.” She watched as Owlbear took the bucket and then walked with him above deck. To his credit the simple giant didn’t eat any of the crabs as he was carrying them to Jack. Nasha wondered how much of this was because Jack was his friend and how much was simply because they weren’t his crabs.

Jack was waiting on the deck, having been informed of the nameday celebration. With Jack were most of the old crew and some of the new. Mirielle was among them, as was Dolce and Revel. Owlbear looked delighted when they all started clapping. “Good crabs,” he said, and held the bucket out for Jack.

“Oh, are these for me?” Jack asked. Owlbear nodded enthusiastically. Jack lifted one out of the bucket and looked it over closely before putting it back. “You know I think there’s been a mistake.”

Owlbear flinched a little and said, “I’m sorry.” ‘Mistake’ was not one of his favorite words.

Jack shook his head, “No, no, you didn’t make a mistake. Fishguts did! These crabs are for you, Owlbear.”

“For me?” Owlbear asked, his face lighting up with excitement.

“For you, because it’s your nameday!” Jack said, excited.

Owlbear paused to think about that. “6 Sarenith,” he said.

“That’s right. 6th of Sarenith,” Nasha said, putting a hand on Owlbear’s shoulder.

“My crabs? My cooked crabs?” Owlbear asked. Nasha nodded. That was all it took for Owlbear to begin digging into the crabs. He ripped their shells like they were nothing in his large strong hands and bit into the tender meat happily. His joy was contagious.

Soon enough Dolce began to sing and Rosie played the fiddle and Lyric the guitar. The night was filled with music and laughter and well-wishes for Owlbear as he enjoyed his crabs and after. When the noise quieted down and just the night crew was above deck Nasha sat at the rail of the forecastle with Owlbear, looking at the stars. She found herself thinking she’d never really felt this sort of peace among the lizardfolk. What did that mean about her?

In the morning, Dolce fixed an altar of Besmara she had purchased while they were in Quent to the deck of the ship roughly in the middle. She, Mirielle, and Revel set about making use of the Consecrate ritual Mirielle had tracked down some time before. The casting was an involved process taking multiple days and special incense and golden offerings, but their work was rewarded with a successful completion. The gold disappeared before their eyes as the last of the incense faded.

Dolce swore she felt the energy of the ritual blanketing the ship. On the deck at least those who prayed to Besmara – herself, Mirielle, Revel, and Quinn to name just the four she knew for certain – would find their attacks more sure, their labors more productive, their eyes more keen. A year the ritual lasted, but Dolce’d heard rumors that such a thing could have much more spectacular results… So perhaps they’d try again before a year was finished.

When Haneilius used the power of the Ring of the Iron Skull on their fifth day out from The Dryad’s Grave he exclaimed, “It worked!” His excitement was palpable to Dolce and Mirielle, who had watched him use it three times a day on the previous days with no success. “We’re close!”

Mirielle smiled at Dolce and said, “That means the ship should be close enough for Wanderer’s Guide.”

Dolce nodded. “I’ll go and wake Nasha.” She went below deck and found Nasha’s hammock. It was easy enough. Even though she worked at night the lizardfolk slept in the hammock nearest the stairs to the deck above so she could answer quickly if needed. Dolce hardly had to touch her scales to rouse her.

“It is time?” Nasha asked, groggily. Dolce nodded. Nasha stretched out, her tail extending further than even her legs as she did so. She got out of the hammock easily, a sure sign of someone who’d dealt with the infernal things more than their fair share. She was already wearing her eelskin harness and Belt of the Five Kings. “I am ready.”

Dolce chuckled. “Are you ever not?”

“I try to always be prepared,” Nasha responded, not realizing the question had been rhetorical.

Dolce had made her own preparations for this little mission. She’d emptied almost everything out of her Bag of Holding satchel so they could use it to transport goods. She’d specifically left her collection of books, her writing tools, and her lute in her room. She didn’t want them getting damaged when water inevitably entered the satchel.

As she and Nasha joined Revel and Mirielle above deck the elf found herself grateful she’d convinced the others to invest some of their wealth in the ability to breath water. It was all well and good that Dolce could cast a spell to allow them this ability, but better the spell be saved for other uses.

Dolce and Mirielle were both wearing Electric Eelksin armor. Mirielle had learned how to wear the armor from time spent training with Dolce. Nasha and Revel, one who preferred no armor and the other preferring heavier armor, had to settle for Chokers of Waterbreathing. Dolce’d taken the liberty of having Revel’s shark tooth necklace enchanted. Apparently the hobgoblin had owned it for almost as long as she’d been in Port Peril. For Nasha the elf had purchased a simple brown, leather choker embossed with images of seashells and fish to hold the enchantment. They both seemed satisfied with the results.

It took a minute for Mirielle to cast the spell. When she completed the casting she turned her attention on Shade, “I trust you to keep everything in order up here while we’re below.”

“Aye, Captain. You can count on me,” the drow said.

Mirielle looked then at Haneilius. “You stay above until we locate the ship. I don’t imagine you’d fare well in the waters.” She said it because the human was of a rather mature age.

“Alright, Captain Mirielle.” Haneilius still had the tibia. He’d returned it to the jar.

Mirielle turned to Nasha, Revel, and Dolce. “Are we ready?” The other three nodded. “Alright then.” Mirielle was the first to jump from the deck, also the least graceful in the act. She splashed into the water unceremoniously and began swimming below.

“See ya later!” Revel called to the crew. She curled her knees when she jumped, making the biggest splash she could, and descended into the water after her captain. Nasha made no farewell, simply diving from the deck. Her long, lithe body was graceful and she hardly disturbed the surface of the water when she hit it. Dolce dove in with a similar grace, if one that had required more effort to learn.

Into the Ocean

They swam down for what seemed like hours, but each knew it was not. Long before they reached the ship their vision had been reduced to a mere sixty feet in the murky seawater. Magical light emanated from Nasha’s belt, not for the lizardfolk’s benefit, but for Dolce’s. The Belt of the Five Kings made it so Nasha could see without any light all, but Dolce was still reliant on the spell Darkvision to elevate her senses. She would wait to cast it until they reached the ship.

They were still quite far from their destination when a trio of sharks entered their view. Accompanying them was a merfolk, though it didn’t look quite right. This merfolk had teeth quite similar to Revel’s. The sharks closed the distance to the girls, clearly seeing them as prey, but Nasha and Revel made quick work of one while Dolce fixated on the merfolk.

Soon enough the girls were able to subdue the merfolk and had killed the sharks or knocked them unconscious. The fight did make one thing abundantly clear to Dolce… She’d chosen the wrong runes for Revel and Nasha. Fiery fangs and corrosive claws were great above the water, but underneath the flames were completely quelled and the acid’s potency was rarely concentrated enough to do any harm in the presence of the sea water.

Perhaps Dolce would transfer the Flaming and Corrosive runes from their wraps to some of the ballistae on The Purr and replace them with Frost runes. It would mean the four of them were themed, which might not be so bad a thing… Though it would make some of their deadliness easier to negate if someone was well-studied about them. There was always Thundering and Shock… But the former would mean their presence was announced anytime the wielder made an attack.

Problems for another day. For now, they learned the whereabouts of the merfolk’s lair. He was an outcast of his people because of his obsession with sharks. He might well have found friends with Revel if he hadn’t tried to attack Mirielle and ended up getting himself killed. His lair contained trinkets of some value including a collection of polished shells. Nasha was allowed to keep the shells since she’d expressed a fondness for shells at Mancatcher Cove.

Following Mirielle’s divined route led them deeper in the water, where they came upon the bow of the ship. Here Dolce employed her Darkvision spell. It would buy her an hour, and if needed she could cast it again. The ship had been split in two and the stern was nowhere to be seen from here. They explored the bow carefully. Many things were found here, including various goods in the half of the hull that was above. There was a ‘trail’ of sort leading deeper into the water, but Mirielle’s spell would give them more direct guidance when they were ready to find the stern.

In the meantime the girls fought a Jellyfish larger than all four of them combined. The creature was easy to hit, with flesh that had no chance at resisting Nasha’s claws and Revel’s fangs. Soon enough it had been slain and they had free access to the prow’s wreckage.

Dolce kept their searching short, for her Darkvision was limited, but they still searched every foot of the space before them, giving each at the least a passing glance. With thirty minutes left the girls started making their way toward the stern of the ship. Mirielle’s spell guided them accurately enough, showing them the best route in the deep water.

It began getting colder as they swam lower. Cold enough they started feeling their limbs getting numb. Dolce had just been considering turning back when something emerged from the darkness. It was a creature known as a charda. Dolce recognized it. They excelled at combat in cold environs, their attacks drawing strength from the chill.

This charda though, it was bigger than any she’d ever heard of. Even if it had been effected by magic like the spell Enlarge, it should have only been the size of a human… Not four times that size. Revel, Nasha, and Dolce dispatched the creature with little trouble, though it showed remarkable tenacity for its kind. Dolce signaled they should return to the surface.

The trip back to the top of the water was uneventful and the four climbed aboard The Lady’s Purr. “So what now?” Mirielle asked.

“Well, the pressure was beginning to be problematic and the cold was as well… Kuzayoni can probably help with at least one of the two… The question is which.. I can deal with the pressure, but the cold is out of my reach,” Dolce said, casting a spell to dry her clothes as she headed for the hatch below.

Mirielle flicked her captain’s hat, watching the droopy feathers sway as they sagged with water. Soon enough Kuzayoni and Dolce emerged from below deck. Kozayoni was grinning as Dolce handed over the vials. “This one was a step ahead of me.. Already had some Winter Wolf Elixirs prepared.”

Mirielle blinked a bit at that. “You didn’t give them to us sooner?”

Kuzayoni shrugged a little. “I honestly did not realize we’d made it to our destination. I was busy in the lab.”

Mirielle laughed a little at that, but it really wasn’t much of a surprise. “What about the pressure?” she asked Dolce.

“That, I’m afraid will require me to prepare Freedom of Movement… And I’m going to need quite a few castings to shield us all from it.” The elf looked toward her room where her spellbook was, but waited to see if Mirielle had anything else to say.

“I did not feel it,” Nasha said.

They all looked at her. “Really?” Revel asked.

The lizardfolk blinked slowly and said, “It was as deep as the pearls sometimes were. I did not notice any discomfort.”

“Well, that will help a little,” Dolce said. Three castings was easier than four after all, though it would likely take six in total. More if collecting the treasures from the stern of the ship took them much in the way of time. “At any rate, I need some time to change my preparations, Captain.”

Mirielle nodded. “Before you go, if you don’t mind drying my clothes at least?” She looked from Revel to Nasha, both of whom shrugged like the water didn’t bother them, then back to Dolce.

The elf chuckled and nodded, casting Prestidigitation to dry her captain’s garments. As intricate as the clothing was, it took a few castings. “Maybe leave the hat above?” Dolce suggested, noting that some of the feathers looked a bit worse for wear. “I can mend them as they are now, but if any got lost below…”

Mirielle followed her gaze and nodded. She spent the time it took Dolce to prepare her spells in her cabin. There she changed into some of her old clothes, a loose fitting shirt, much rougher breeches. She hadn’t really realized just how spoiled she’d become by her fine captain’s attire. Jack entered partway through her waiting. On his shoulder was the silver toucan. They still hadn’t named the creature, but she often heard Jack asking, “Want a cracker?” as he offered it a copper coin.

Mirielle took her own companion from it’s pack. Cupiir rested in her lap. “Are you nervous?” it asked, speaking in the Celestial tongue.

“Mm, I’m always a bit nervous,” Mirielle said. She’d no fear of admitting this to the familiar since Jack couldn’t understand the words. No one on the ship would know.

Cupiir awkwardly twisted himself in her lap to place a flipper on her arm. “You’ll do fine, I know it.”

Mirielle pet her familiar. “I think so too, but still, nerves are easy enough to feel. I think, by the way, that it’s time we change the magic I invest in you each morning.”

“Oh?” Cupiir asked, looking up at her.

“It seems only fair that you should be able to fly around with Revaress and … the silver bird,” Mirielle said. She’d seen Cupiir watching the other two longingly when they played. It was comical to her to watch a mechanical bird play with an octopus, but Dolce said Revaress enjoyed their little games of tag through the sails and rigging lines.

Cupiir seemed to brighten at that. “What will you take? Not my ability to speak to you, right?” It seemed the only hesitation the turtle felt about the matter.

“No, not that,” Mirielle said with a chuckle. She quite enjoyed their quiet moments of conversation. “Probably the cantrip you allow me access to. It’s not often my mark is necessary, after all.” Sigil was the cantrip Cupiir seemed attuned to. Mirielle knew that with time she could bend his attunement to something else. In the long run she was debating adjusting those energies so the turtle would be her vessel for Stabilize… Primarily because her cutlass, Besmara’s Grace, allowed the use of that cantrip. There was no need for her to be invested in it directly any longer.

“Oh good. I’d hate to lose my voice. I know Revaress doesn’t seem to care that she can’t talk, but… I like talking,” Cupiir said.

Mirielle chuckled at that, and the pair of them did talk as Jack played with the toucan, until Dolce came knocking on the door. “We’re ready, Captain,” the elf said. Then the girls were back into the depths…

Deeper Depths

They passed the depth at which they’d fought the charda and continued deeper below. The cold was held at bay by the Winter Wolf Elixirs and Dolce cast Freedom of Movement on herself, Revel, and Mirielle to shield them from the pressure. Finally the broken stern of The Brine Banshee came into view in the murky waters.

They began their search at the wheel, and there saw Captain Jalhazar’s remains clinging to the bladed wheel. The wheel itself showed no signs of deteriorating. The scene reminded Dolce of the anchor in Mancatcher Cove and so she cast Ray of Frost and aimed for the captain’s boot. As the bolt of magic stuck the corpse’s shoe she heard a booming voice in her head, “You dare defile my final resting place?”

The elf blinked, startled by the booming voice, a chill running down her spine. Mirielle and the others looked at her. “Everything all right?” Her captain’s distorted voice inquired.

Dolce felt fine and nodded to them, but all the same she murmured prayers to Besmara as she swam closer. Captain Jalhazar had lost his hold on the wheel and had now idly drifted to the deck of the aftcastle. Dolce cast Detect Magic. “Magical,” she said to the others.

They did not try to identify it then since Dolce was once again reliant upon Darkvision to see. Instead they continued on below. As they left the stairs that had brought them to the next Nasha noticed something was amiss. She couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but she swam forward to peer in the hold and the creature came into view. It was an anemone, but one of massive size.

The lizardfolk altered her path and swam alongside the creature, slashing at it with her deadly claws. She managed to hurt the creature, but not significantly. It returned her attacks, though its own missed the lizardfolk completely. Dolce came alongside Nasha, stabbing with her rapier. She struck true with her attacks.

Revel, not being able to easily come alongside the creature due to its positioning, swam above it and tried to bite it from there. The hobgoblin only managed a single bite, but this was enough to bring her joy. Mirielle moved into a position to better support her allies, calling on her halo again. Nasha slashed again, cutting into part of it. Then the anemone’s tentacles wrapped around Revel, catching her in the throat and midriff. Enthusiastic as the hobgoblin was, she still cried out in pain from its poisonous touch. Then the anemone pulled Revel inside it and her blue skin disappeared from view altogether.

Dolce panicked a little, and tried to cut her companion free. She only managed to hurt the creature slightly, but needn’t have worried. No sooner than she withdrew her blade than Revel came tearing out of the anemone with large chunks of it still hanging from her vicious fangs. The battle was over almost as soon as it had begun and the anemone drifted freely with the movements of the water.

Dolce tended her companion’s injuries, but as she did so they all noticed something strange. Mirielle’s halo never faded away. Its light had grown dimmer, but… It still persisted. “What’s with that?” Dolce asked, voice still distorted by the water.

Mirielle’s eyes followed her gaze, though she could only really see the faint light the halo gave off. “I couldn’t say… But perhaps my connection to my heritage is growing stronger? We’ll worry about it when we’re back above.”

The others nodded, and cautiously prepared to proceed below. Nasha, who had peered into the hold before seeing the anemone, had seen a very large shark swimming around down there. For this reason Revel and Nasha entered first. Sure enough, the shark was lurking in the corner.

Revel closed the distance to it and attacked, but to her surprise the creature vanished when she struck it. “What?” She looked around, confused, and swam toward the center of the chamber searching out any other dangers. There she caught the scent of something else. “Behind that wall!” Revel called, gesturing toward a wall.

Nasha couldn’t quite understand what Revel was saying, but she saw where her friend was indicating. Nasha swam toward the door in the wall, attempting to open the door. Her hand passed right through it. The wall became hazy, faded, as though it were made of water or air, and beyond she saw a creature she’d never seen before. It had a body similar to that of a fish, but in addition to a dorsal fin, there were tentacles coming off of it in multiple places. Three large, red eyes were on the front of the creature and it seemed to have no mouth. Nasha closed the distance to it.

Dolce came below next. She hadn’t seen Nasha pass through the wall and so she looked at Revel. “Where?” The elf asked. She was slower than Revel and Nasha both, and so lingered partway in the chamber. Mirielle entered behind Dolce and stayed near to the wall. She was the slowest of all of them with their Rings of Swimming.

Revel made no answer, instead swimming toward and and attacking Dolce. Her vicious teeth ripped into the elf’s flesh, putting her blood in the water, but the second bite was dodged. Revel made no quips about the flavor of Dolce’s blood or skin, her attack was silent and efficient.

Nasha struck out at the strange creature, letting some of its blood flow into the water. She then felt it try to influence her mind, but she resisted. The lizardfolk cursed as one of its tentacles slammed into her body.

Dolce cast Dispel Magic in an attempt to free her companion of whatever was compelling her to hostility. Unfortunately, her only prepared casting the spell was not potent enough. To Mirielle Dolce shouted, “Dispel her! Infuse it with as much magic as you can!” She knew her comrade wouldn’t attack her of her own volition. Dolce didn’t move, she didn’t wish to bring Revel closer to Mirielle. Her jaws had been painful enough on the elf.

Mirielle nodded. She was close enough to hear everything her companion said. She cast Dispel Magic as well, but hers was successful, unraveling the effect that had been controlling Revel. The aasimar’s halo grew brighter as she called upon her heritage to summon forth its healing properties in preparation for the rest of the battle to come.

Revel wasted no time in swimming through the wall after Nasha. It was dull to her as well, for even with the intrusion of her mind she’d seen Nasha pass through it like it wasn’t there. Completely enraged at her loss of control, Revel bit viciously at the Aboleth.. Unfortunately her bite missed and her forward momentum was enough that her foot slammed into a jagged wooden board sticking up from the deck. Further enraged she bit again, but missed again.

Nasha now flayed into the creature with her claws. She put more of its blood in the water, but the creature withdrew and swam through the illusory wall. It bent its focus on Revel again, and the hobgoblin’s mind felt muted.

Dolce’s blood ran cold when she saw the creature enter the hold. An aboleth! She’d never thought to see one of the Alghollthu here. That explained Revel’s attack! She “That’s an aboleth! They’re very dangerous and very evil! It must have had her Dominated!” Dolce adjusted her positioning slightly as she explained this to Mirielle. She was lining up a Lightning Bolt and cast it to resounding success.

The aboleth spoke to Dolce even as her lightning scoured its body, saying, “Impressive that you would know so much about us. Tell you what, leave me one and the rest of you may leave.”

“That will never happen,” Mirielle proclaimed. Having heard Dolce both before and now she pulled even more heavily on her angelic heritage. The result of her focus was a Circle of Protection Against Evil. Her halo flashed as the spell took hold and her allies gained the benefits of it.

“Suit yourself,” the creature said. Revel swam back through the illusory wall as well, drawing close to Dolce and Mirielle. She bit Dolce first, savagely tearing the elf’s flesh, then just as quickly bit into Mirielle. Unfortunately for the aasimar, Revel’s shark teeth came down on her shoulder with such force that Mirielle bit clear through her tongue. She didn’t sever it completely, thankfully, but it certainly would make casting further spells prove difficult.

Nasha came swimming to their aid. She positioned herself by Mirielle, who was badly injured from the hobgoblin’s assaults, and shoved her blue-skinned friend away. With her forward momentum Nasha wrapped her arms around Revel, restraining her so she could do no more damage to their captain.

It seemed to Dolce the creature was not as confident as its words suggested, for in the chaos of Revel’s attacks the aboleth withdrew. It swam straight up above the hold, but the elf followed below. She could just see it on the edges of her vision above her, and realized this would likely be her last chance. Dolce cast another Lightning Bolt spell after drawing on the power of her arcane bond. The aboleth died.

The elf looked toward Revel to see if her mind as freed, but alas she was struggling in Nasha’s grasp and still not speaking at all. Mirielle noted this too and used another powerful spell to cast Dispel Magic. She barely managed the casting with her mangled tongue, but to the relief of all the enemy’s influence on Revel unraveled and the hobgoblin started screaming, “WHERE IS IT!?!?”

Dolce swallowed and looked above her. “Dead…” she said. With almost perfect timing the creature’s corpse drifted back into the hold and its tentacles draped lifelessly in the water before them.

“AAAAAH!!!” Revel screamed and savaged the creature’s corpse, biting and tearing with all of her might. Words were constantly rumbling forth from her, but all int he Goblin tongue. Dolce imagined they were all curses or similar.

The others simply watched, unsure of anything they could do to help the hobgoblin, but eventually the rage subsided. Revel’s eyes turned on Dolce and Mirielle. “I’m- I’m so… I would never-” the hobgoblin stammered.

“We know,” Dolce said. She could tell primarily by Revel’s look and demeanor what it was the hobgoblin must be trying to say, for her words were lost in the muffled water due to how quiet she was being.

Revel nodded a little and wiped at her nose before wrapping an arm around both the elf and the aasimar. “I love you guys,” she said. That time they were close enough that they heard well.

Dolce felt powerfully moved by the admission. She supposed they all felt it, though none had said it before. The elf wrapper her arm around Revel in turn. “Love you too, Shark,” Dolce was making light of the shark-bite wounds both she and Mirielle still bore.

“Oh gods! Heal those, would you?” Revel said, realizing why Dolce chose her wording. Mirielle looked amused. She too, returned the hobgoblin’s hug, but then she did set about to healing her wounds. Revel felt Nasha’s hand on her shoulder once Mirielle had released her. She hugged the lizardfolk as well, squeezing her much more tightly than she had the other two.. The more fragile two. “Yeah, I love you too, you damn lizard.”

Nasha blinked a bit at this, but returned Revel’s embrace. Love was something shared by families. And yes, that was what the crew had become. Nasha rested the top of her chin on Revel’s head. “I love you also,” she said, projecting her voice enough for Mirielle and Dolce to hear it too.

When all the healing was done a new casting of Freedom of Movement let them explore the rest of the stern. There was great treasure to be had, in the form of gold and silver, but it would take some time to move it above thanks to the depths it was resting in. They took what they could and made for the surface, including the magical wheel.

As it turned out, the wheel was the secret to The Brine Banshee‘s speed. Dolce was able to figure out how Captain Jalhazar had designed it. They would give that knowledge to the temple of Norgorber and keep the wheel for themselves. Perhaps then the temple would tell them what they knew of Chelaxian spies.

Regardless, Dolce had thought of the perfect secret to hand over in exchange for their knowledge of the whereabouts of The Lady’s Sting when she’d been preparing her spells today. Passing over the Exchange Image spell in her book had brought it mind, and Dolce thought it would work out just perfectly.

OOC Notes

Turns out the rules for underwater combat in Pathfinder 2 include all things with the fire trait simply not functioning (so, Flaming Rune) and Acid resistance 5 (so, 1 acid damage from the Corrosive Rune on a roll of 6). Rethinking my runes. Torn between giving Revel and Nasha each 2 handsets with different runes for different occasions and just overhauling their current handwraps with different runes. I liked fire for Revel and Acid for Nasha thematically though… So I’ll probably go the more expensive route and just hook them up with a second set of handwraps. At least we’re using Automatic Bonus Progression so I don’t need to invest in the Potency and Striking runes for said handwraps.

So, OOCly my ‘make sure he’s not undead’ instincts came over me as we approached the captain’s corpse… I had that be Dolce’s inclination. After all, they did fight a water-logged mummy who appeared to be inanimate and chained to a sunken anchor while they were in Mancatcher Cove. Then Owlbrarian said, “Make me a Will save for Dolce…” I rolled a nat 20… and you saw the result of that. I had her get the shivers and murmur a prayer to Besmara and Owlbrarian laughed and said, “That’s funny, if she’d been affected the only way to lift the curse is to return the corpse of the captain to the ship and say prayers to Besmara.” Thankfully she didn’t fail, because she had no desire to touch the corpse.

The anemone was amusing. First it critted Revel with an attack and swallowed her whole, then Revel critted it from inside it and drew a x3 crit card, obliterating the poor thing.

Mirielle now has a permanent halo, courtesy of an aasimar heritage feat from the supplement we’re using for aasimar stats. I rather like it and Dolce is going to milk that for all it’s worth.. A pirate captain with a literal halo present 24/7? You bet the whole of the Shackles will hear about that.

Oh Revel, poor Revel. She failed her first save, was absolutely furious at having been made to attack her allies and so I told Owlbrarian I’d spend a hero point on her first attack if she missed (my last hero point of the night, mind you). I rolled a nat 1. Gave him the hero point… rolled another nat 1. Then she critted Mirielle and drew a crit card that required Miri to make a flat check (only DC 5, thank goodness) for any spell she cast with a verbal component or lose it. I can’t make this stuff up. Between Nasha’s battle on the boat and her broken claw and Revel down here… They just haven’t been feeling all that lucky lately.

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