A Tribute to Fine Scallywags

This song is one Dolce would be particularly prone to singing when around any of her crewmen in taverns on shore leave. It’s primarily something she put together for Shade because she believes mentioning him and indicating he’s recognizable by Mirielle’s symbol might allow him to move through ports with less harassment. She still has biases against Shade, but feels indebted to him and has written this in an effort to lessen the debt.

It was fun working all these names into the song. Many of them including actual details about the NPCs in question. In the end I’m pretty happy with it. Enjoy.

A Tribute to Fine Scallywags

I know you’ve all heard of the fine Lady’s Purr,
And all of the feats we’ve achieved,
But now let me tell you about every cur,
Who’s helped claim the treasures retrieved!

There was burly, stout Narwhale – our mightiest dwarf,
Who sighted the Deathknell’s sail,
And though he had come from the shoddiest wharf,
His bravery never did fail!

There was Ratline, a halfling most ruthless and cruel,
Taller than all in his spite;
Before his blade, the blood did pool
Even in his final fight!

Here’s to Narwhale and Ratline, two ragged souls –
Their lives lived with gusto and glee!
On the Lady’s Purr they both served their roles,
And died with a smile on the sea!

We’ve got Giffer, Jack, Barefoot and Shaveka still,
All three are the worst sort of folk.
Your blood they surely would eagerly spill
If they fancied the shade of your cloak!

Don’t look at Maheem with less than respect
Or he’ll lay you flat on your back!
And three perfect smiles were already wrecked
By Fipps and his trusty blackjack!

Rosie can play you a fiddle that’s sweet,
Or open your guts on the deck;
Ambrose cooks up the most savory treat
After each ship that we wreck!

Here’s to Shaveka, Giffer, Barefoot, and Jack,
Ambrose, Maheem, Fipps and Rosie,
Each of them ready to slice and to hack
Into anyone being too nosy!

Show respect to Badger with her hair all on end –
As crazy as her look’s suggesting –
And to Cog with the coin he’s happy to spend,
Lest you learn where his blades are resting!

Quinn has the gentlest hands aboard,
And Conch the most fearsome war cries!
Vixi’s the dragon of our treasure hoard,
And Owlbear’s spiked chain never lies!

Here’s to Badger and Cog, to Quinn and to Conch,
Let’s hear it for Vixi and Owlbear!
Each of their souls equally staunch
In the battles our journeys all share!

Our bosun’s the sort who revels in pain,
Shade’s skin is black as the night,
You’ll recognize him by our Captain’s cold chain
And the glow of his eyes’ red light.

Don’t forget Revel – the Shark loves to play!
And Nasha’s always on the hunt.
I do my best to keep trouble at bay,
As our Captain takes charge from the front.

Let’s hear it for Shade and his wicked lash,
For Revel and Nasha and me,
But most of all, make a toast, raise your glass
To the finest captain on the sea!

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