This one pivots again, to Mirielle’s perspective. No spoilers are contained in it either.

Much of it employs imagery, but I have to admit I’m rather out of practice with imagery in general… Most of my poems are far more literal and descriptive since they are written to relate stories that occur in sessions or actual mechanics of creatures (with my more recent monster poems).

All the same, I hope you enjoy.

Waves Crashing

Waves crashing with their mighty roars –
Breaking down to spray.
Mists clinging to the ragged shores
As the ship does sway.

Stars glowing in the velvet night –
Flickers o’er the sea.
Each crested wave, a new delight –
Echoes of the free.

The sun rises to greet the mast;
Toils begin anew.
The sails, by wind, are soon harassed
Glistening with dew.

Each wave carries the tang of brine,
Tainting every thread;
But silken sails with fortune twine
Where the bold now tread.

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