Cracking the Rock

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers are contained within for the Skull & Shackles campaign path. I would not read this if you don’t want to encounter said spoilers.

A song of Dolce’s about their battle at Tidewater Rock. She’d often introduce it as a song regarding a combat with someone she actually respects. This because Lady Smythee truly commanded the loyalty of her men. Dolce even went so far as to pretend no one surrendered, when ultimately four people did survive the Rock. She did this mainly because the four survivors were two elderly servants, a humble shepherd, and a single soldier who wished to see them to safety. Something Dolce can respect.

Cracking the Rock

I’ve heard a story ’bout Tidewater Rock
That I’m sure you’ve all heard as well-
It says that glory you can unlock
If you claim the old fort for a spell!

Captain Mirielle wanted the place,
And she always gets her way.
So mercurial, Besmara’s grace,
Yet always with her does it stay…

Take up a tankard, I’ll tell ye a tale;
True as the day is long.
Sure as we’re anchored, and sure as we sail,
Our lust for the rock was strong!

Smythee’s commander met us at their dock
To learn about our intention…
We didn’t pander with flattering talk;
An alliance was all that we’d mention.

He led us inside to meet with the lady
And she asked us please to dine.
This did we abide, lest it seem shady,
While our causes might yet align.

Sadly, sadly my friend, the lady, she had some demands
My captain was loathe to meet…
And so, the meal at an end, we felt that she’d tied our hands
And conspired, their lives, to cheat.

To my surprise, Lady Smythee was swift;
She’d seen through our veiled presentation,
Before I could rise, she gave us a gift –
Much to my consternation.

Her blade drank deep of my captain’s blood
And we all rose up to the fight,
The battle grew steep, Smythee fell with a thud,
From the power of our captain’s smite!

Now far from the battle, she’d fallen just short of her men,
And we followed with haste.
Her breathing, still did it rattle, they took her to carry her then,
And down the stairs they raced!

They tried, oh they tried – just to save her life,
But we didn’t give them an inch
And when she died it filled them all with strife;
Not a man of hers would flinch.

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