The Final Toll

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for the Skull & Shackles adventure path are contained in this poem. If you don’t want part of your campaign spoiled, don’t read this!

Dolce’s retelling of how The Lady’s Purr crew valiantly defeated the ghost ship, The Deathknell. She sings it every chance she gets, for its fear rivals that of The Dominator. It definitely makes for good bragging in port. Enjoy!

The Final Toll

The mist lay thick ’round a whaling ship we sighted off our port.
So far was she, ’twas hard to see, our pursuit the winds did thwart.
Yet the sound of a bell did travel well from her passage to our ears.
Though she was strange, our course did not change; we’d seen stranger in our years.

On the second night, under moon so bright, we heard again the clang,
And a mist set in, with the baleful din, as the bell was struck and rang.
She was close enough now we could see her bow and the Captain knew who she was;
The Deathknell we saw, full of fang and of claw, our hearts with fear did buzz.

Little we knew of what she would do, except that she would attack
On the third night, in the waning light, and try to break our back.
When the time came at last and we saw her tall mast right on a course for us
The bell rang aloud and our captain, proud, gave us no room to discuss.

Be boarded or board, our captain roared, we will take the fight to them!
She’s a plague on the sea, worse than our villainy, let our blood the tides now stem!
We made our advance, and the cost of our chance was our sails being torn to shreds.
Now we had no retreat and our fates we must meet lest her crew collect our heads!

We grappled the rotted wood, and then all of us that could boarded the ghostly ship,
There as battle raged, our lives Cap’n Whalebone gauged, our Lady’s throat in his grip.
But fire sprang from her hands, scouring him with demands, that he should find his rest
And claw and fang tore his flesh, with blood flowing fast and fresh, we each gave our very best

‘Twas when the bell was struck by a pure stroke of luck that his attention swayed.
His zombies he bade attack, she who the bell did crack, and for her the undead made!
Our Lady set him ablaze once more with her fiery rays and a few more strikes did he bear
At last he fell to mist, the ship seemed to writhe and twist, and soon began sinking there.

Our captain and crew withdrew, I had something left to do, but watched as our grapple lines broke.
The bell I decoupled quick, it was but a simple trick, then joined The Purr and my folk.
We watched The Knell‘s swift descent, all of her effort spent, and then did we break the old bell.
We must have set them free, for then came the calm at sea, now old Captain Whalebone’s in Hell!

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