Clipping the Dominator

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers are contained within for the Skull & Shackles campaign path. I would not read this if you don’t want to encounter said spoilers.

The Dominator mentioned in the poem title is a ship from the Skull & Shackles adventure path. It was encountered by my gals when they made land to repair a recently captured pirate hunting vessel so they could sail it off to port to sell it. This would definitely be among Dolce’s favorite works. Again, not a work song. A song she’d sing at every port to demonstrate to people how cunning and slippery she and her comrades could be. Enjoy!

Clipping the Dominator

Well, wouldn’t ya know,
We took us a boat
But the boat, well, scuttled she be?

We weren’t deterred,
Our spirits were stirred,
And our magic kept her on the sea!

When we made land,
We formed us a plan,
And repairs we got underway fast,

But when we was done,
There under the sun,
We saw a most ominous mast!

‘Twas a man’o’war all fearsome and black
With devils carved over her hull
And her sails of silk lay idle and slack
For her journey had taken a lull

There sat the Dominator,
So many pirates she’d ended
There sat the Dominator,
Clearly her needs were attended

Well, wouldn’t ya know
We’d fixed up the boat
From the last pirate hunter we’d fought?

But even with two,
‘Twas naught we could do
When faced with such perilous odds

Least not on the sea,
Says my captain to me,
And I realize that she is a’scheming!

And just what, says I,
Be that glint in your eye?
My captain, just what are you dreaming?

With that man’o’war if we should set sail
We wouldn’t have hardly a prayer,
But imagine now, if we could prevail
And somehow leave her anchored there…

There sat the Dominator,
Waiting to mete out our end
There sat the Dominator,
What did my captain intend?

Well, wouldn’t you know,
She sketches the boat,
And with little delay she proceeds

With a few choice spells
And some wish you wells,
We took to the water like reeds

We shared a prayer,
And then entered the air,
Below the window we sought

Then did we climb
Taking our time
To be sure we wouldn’t be caught

To the man’o’war we stealthily crept
And into a cabin we slipped
Where the rudder line was taught and kept,
We meant to be sure it was clipped!

There in the Dominator,
As the line was starting to strain,
There in the Dominator,
We met with Commander Kain!

Well, wouldn’t you know,
He was checking the boat,
And the rudder was up for inspection!

He didn’t expect
To find us when he checked –
You could tell by his startled expression!

But quickly did he,
With a face full of glee,
Nearly axe our man down with one swing!

We blocked the door,
And he cursed and he swore
As the rudder line waned into string!

On the man’o’war we battled and fought
As we sawed through the line til it tore
Then we turned and fled lest all be for naught
And swam into the ocean once more!

There stayed the Dominator,
Watching our ships sail away,
There stayed the Dominator,
And we’re still breathing today!

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