Giant Mantis

Another Pathfinder 2E Bestiary poem. I’m picking what creatures she’s writing about by flipping to random pages of the Bestiary. It’s actually kind of fun. Though I’m currently not planning to have her writing about anything too high level since conceptually she’s pretty low level herself. My husband’s very amused at all of this by the way. He thinks it’s adorably nerdy that I’m not only writing poems about the monsters in the PF2E Bestiary, but I’ve made an actual character from whose perspective the poems are coming. Enjoy!

From the Journal of Vyscaria

Wouldn’t you know I was still watching some gnolls when one of their hunters caught a hint of me? I don’t think he saw me, but he definitely heard something and started heading my way. We had ourselves a fun game of hide and seek, if a bit deadly for my taste. What saved me? Not my own skill in this instance. You see, I’m pretty sure he eventually saw me. He completely stopped prowling and charged straight for me, but boy was I lucky he did! I hadn’t even noticed the other critter in the area…

Giant Mantis

If you don’t like insects,
I suggest you steel your nerves.
The giant mantis has aspects
That will drain your best reserves…

They’re as tall as any human,
But in the dark they can still see.
They hunt with primal acumen
And move lithely from tree to tree.

They try to make their way unseen
As they stalk their prey,
And then with legs, so long and keen,
They leap into the fray!

If they catch you unaware,
They do not hesitate.
Not a moment do they spare
With hunger yet to sate.

When they employ momentum well
Their legs seem to grow longer.
And while their spines will make you yell,
Their mandibles are stronger.

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