Head to Head

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers are contained within regarding a random encounter from the Skull & Shackles campaign path. I would not read this if you don’t want to encounter said spoilers.

A song of Dolce’s crafting regarding their combat with The Red Mariah. She’s included more detail regarding this battle than she had in previous tales, for Mirielle seems to want the world to know what they are capable of.. And in the end, Mirielle is the captain. Note, however, that none of her songs speak of her own magical abilities. She still intends to keep her own tactics close to herself and play them down when she can (an easy thing to control as the ship’s shantyman excepting when it comes to survivors of their encounters spreading tales about them).

Head to Head

The storm had cleared but an hour before-
The waves lilted and they lulled-
She’d followed us from the nearest shore
And all our senses dulled.

Her thunder, that mighty anger voiced,
Receded with the clouds.
And for the reprieve we rejoiced
So tired of her shrouds.

Then came a cry from overhead;
Sail on our starboard side.
The ship showed not a sign of dread
And toward us did she glide.

Her ruby silk above the waves,
Like fire over water,
A captain known for making graves,
‘Twould spare as soon as slaughter.

The Red Mariah, she was called,
Switch of the North, was he,
And toward us now his crew was hauled
To meet us on the sea.

Our Captain let the spyglass down,
And ordered us to starboard.
We would defeat him or we’d drown,
Beneath the hate he harbored.

Head to head our course is set,
And not a soul dismays,
We’ve no time to feel regret,
Our colors do we raise.

The catapults exchanging fire
Above the ocean blue,
Wood splinters and sailors tire
And yet our course stays true.

They hit us good and turn to port,
More weapons, now, they bare.
Their plan, our captain means to thwart
For her, their threat can’t scare.

“Full ahead” she yells aloud,
“Prepare to board!” soon follows,
Into her hull, The Lady plowed,
Some of the crew, she swallows.

The groan of wood rings in our ears
As we board the other vessel.
Our enemy shrugs off their fears
And soon our crews will wrestle.

Captain to captain came the fight
At The Mariah‘s wheel,
And the Switch, too prideful for respite
Took death before he’d kneel.

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