On the Sea

Today we break from Dolce’s perspective. She’s more or less become my primary viewing lens for both the story posts and most of the poems surrounding my Skull & Shackles campaign, but on this occasion I’m dipping into Mirielle’s perspective.

She has quite a different backstory from Dolce, being a lady who was of noble birth and intended to marry someone not of her own choosing for reasons not of her own making. The sudden life of piracy freed her of that promise, and being further escalated in her freedom to the rank of Captain has only ensured the strength of the sea’s lure.

Because of her noble birth I decided her poems would be better represented by established formats. For this one I’ve chosen the rhyme scheme and syllable structure of an Elizabethan sonnet. Enjoy.

On the Sea

Who would have thought that, bred to finer things,
My fortune waited on the open sea?
Not to be bound, I’m gifted silken wings
That carry me where e’er I wish to be.
When heavy rains thunder upon the deck
Or raging waves thrash our fine Lady’s hull
There is no fear which crawls along my neck.
Tis my sure fate to meet the storms in full!
Within these waves, I’ve found a precious prize –
Worth more to me than gold or my own life.
I feel it every morning when I rise,
My mind relieved of burden and of strife.
The sea spray carries both freedom and bliss;
I’m but a lass enamored by her kiss.

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