Monsters Aboard!

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for the Skull & Shackles adventure path are contained within this poem.

Dolce would not consider this her best work, but she would still sing it to tell people just how badass she, Revel, Nasha, and Mirielle are. Not only did they slay the monsters in the hold, they also retrieved the yard and helped repair it all while the ship was caught in a terrible storm! Can’t get much better than that!

This one is not a work song though, it’s decidedly a leisure/bragging song. Something she’d be singing in ports and possibly below deck after the day’s work was done just to remind her fellow crew what awesome comrades they have.

Monsters Aboard!

The storm roared around us while the winds whipped our sails
And the waters raged and roiled
The bosun’s voice found us above all the gales
And his cat ensured we toiled

As the wood splintered from a yardarm high above
The ship began to list
In the dark stormy seas we were all thinking of
The things we all had missed

Some of thought of women, some thought of wealth
Some thought of family too
And all I can tell you, is that for myself…
I had too much left to do

So down we went, down below the deck
And the boat was rocking as though to break our neck
As if it weren’t enough to be caught up in the storm
There were monsters in the hold’s dark form!

Three, five, soon we counted eight
Pairs of red eyes, glowing in the night
Spears held as they lied in wait
Making ready there to fight

And down we went, down into the hold
And the boat kept on tilting as though she soon would roll
Still we drew our weapons to our hands
And we fought as our life demands!

One, two, three and four they fell
Hearts pierced, oh we slew them well!
And soon they saw they didn’t stand a chance
We were the better at this fatal dance!

The grindylow chittered as it ran away
Waves still crashing on the hull
We didn’t linger, there was no time to stay
We took the yard to make her whole!

The ship she was moaning and she listed further yet
As the winds still howled and whined
We were soon groaning, our bodies slick with sweat
But the yardarm did we bind!

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