The Wormwood is Nigh

Well then, it has been a long time since I’ve posted here. In the past week or so my husband has been running a game for me (which you may already know if you read the other posts with my story recaps). I have been itching to write a song for this pirate themed game since day one, but only just got around to polishing it a little. It’s written by Dolce (my elven rogue/wizard) in the days leading up to her separation from the Wormwood. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

So, my recap stories were originally going to be on my husband’s blog, The Owlbrarian, but there’s a lot of cursing in this pirate-themed campaign.. And other darker themes, so.. We decided it shouldn’t be on his blog, which is meant to cater to professionals in his field in addition to avid gamers. As such I’ve rehomed it here. If you’re interested in reading about our solo campaign escapades, please feel free to do so. There is a story category of posts now that will contain all of the related tales.

That said, let’s get back to this little song of Dolce’s. Consider it a warm-up after a goodly time of not stretching my poetry muscles. More will surely follow from the elf’s adventures, and perhaps also more Golarion/Pathfinder specific poetry not related to piracy as we have gravitated to Pathfinder 2 for our Dungeons & Dragons-esque gaming needs. Take care, fellow gamers! And enjoy!

The Wormwood is Nigh

(with a slow, foreboding tune)

Mist in the air,
Foam thick on the waves;
The Wormwood is coming…
Best go dig your graves…

(an interlude that transitions to a higher, upbeat tempo)

Oh we hoist high the sails
And feel the sea spray
It calls to our blood
We can’t keep away!

The lure is adventure
And treasures of gold;
They call us to battle,
To our souls lay hold!

(next three lines sung sweetly)
Who could resist it –
This beckoning plea?
Certainly not
(upbeat again)
Someone rotten as me!

There’s no use in figting;
You’ll never prevail!
We’ll take your money,
Your ship has set sail!

So crawl to your graves;
The Wormwood is nigh!
If you’re lucky by hiding
You might yet survive.

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