Finding Light

This one is a short song written by my newest character, who is not a bard. Shock, right? That not all songs have to be written by bards? xD Anyway. She’s an Assarai (Lizardfolk) in the Ptolus setting (one of my favorites). She’s a Lothianite Paladin who meets with a good deal of surprise because of her race. She found her faith while she was a slave, and this song is how she answers the question about when she found it. Enjoy~

Finding Light

Despair of the heart
Reached out in the dark
My fate taken from my hands

And yet light was found
While slavery bound
Me to another’s demands…

Dreams slowly grew
The more that I knew
A teacher kept whispering words

The Daykeeper roams
Through so many homes
Could he offer flight to the birds?

And if so, then me?
Could he help me see
Where joy lingered within my life?

Perhaps he could,
Perhaps he would…
Guide me away from my strife…

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