Sir Hoots

Hee. For my buddy’s familiar, the one-eyed Owl, Sir Hoots. Enjoy!

Sir Hoots

We march on down the road so long
And in the air there floats a song
That marks the passing of our boots
The hooting of wily Sir Hoots!

Sir Hoots, Sir Hoots,
Wily old Sir Hoots

He watches us from high above
Can’t ask him what he’s thinking of
Keen as a knife, that eye of his
He passes us with not a whiz!

Sir Hoots, Sir Hoots,
Quiet old Sir Hoots

His beak is strong, his talons sharp
His song much shriller than the harp
Which he can tell if out of tune
In daylight or beneath the moon

Sir Hoots, Sir Hoots,
Clever old Sir Hoots

Just a bird, my friends you’ll see
And yet he’s proven brave to be
Near maw and blade and hammer’s strike
Too swift for either bow or pike

Sir Hoots, Sir Hoots,
Nimble old Sir Hoots

My friend, the owl flying high
We take heed of his warning cry
Then welcome him to roost with us
And share in all that we discuss

Sir Hoots, Sir Hoots,
Dearest old Sir Hoots

I’m pretty sure nothing in here requires a disclaimer.  Yay for that. Sir Hoots is the owl familiar of Leo, our resident cleric-wizard in my Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign.

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