The Amber Altar’s Eye

SPOILERS will VERY LIKELY be included in these songs so please be aware of that if you happen to be playing a Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil* campaign and desire to leave anything within it a surprise to you. Enjoy~

The Amber Altar’s Eye

Within the basement walls we found a passage of rough stone
Carved by those under the ground with fate so darkly sewn

The air was chill, the air was foul, our hair all stood on end
And down our spines a cold wind crept our courage to run thin

The passage met a larger room with only two things there
An altar blacker than a tomb and one lone pillar fair

My skin did crawl, my hands did shake, and for my part I hid
When my companions searched the room to see what lie within

We found a way to reach beyond the stony altar’s mask
And soon enough it did respond, in horror did we bask

Its arm was black, its arm was lithe, its arm could curl and writhe
A tentacle did wind around one of my friends’ sides!

“A wish,” it said, “for sacrifice; anything you dream!”
But we would not for such a price bid for anything..

Its voice was dread, its eye was dead, its grip grew tighter still
But Leo’s words my heart answered with such a mighty thrill

His prayers aloud soon Temper joined and brilliantly light shone
The power from their gods conjoined would leave us not alone

The altar flashed, the altar shook, the eye it spawned fell closed
The vine-like arm did disappear, the evil now deposed

They came to me with smiles still despite all we had seen
‘Twas no surprise for through sheer will we’d weathered everything

Disclaimer: *The Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign path and all associated material is the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. All of Neela’s companions (read about them at the bottom of this post) are the intellectual property of my comrades at the gaming table.

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