The Door and the Dance of Shadow

SPOILERS will VERY LIKELY be included in these songs so please be aware of that if you happen to be playing a Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil* campaign and desire to leave anything within it a surprise to you. Enjoy~

This one is easier to sing, I think, than The Dragon’s Moat. Of course, I also pruned out like… 6 of 18 stanzas, cutting it’s length by a third. That could have something to do with it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy~

The Door and the Dance of Shadow

The moathouse built of aged stone
Some secrets yet did hold
And soon we found a way below
With neither moss nor mold

Behind false wall a priestess stood
Her hair was fiery red
And shaded by her crimson hood
Her eyes as cold as lead

She challenged with authority
And I a lie did tell
But she and her priority
Did not rest with us well

T’was Grunt who first did rush inside
To see Varis and Temper break down a door
Oji and Leo came with quick stride
From the passage they’d gone to explore

Three pups and one beautiful wench we fought
And spells lit the air like free candles
Never a’one of us fled from the spot
Lest we open a gap for the vandals!

When they dispersed she answered our questions
And what all we learned from her
Beyond the last door in the room, her confessions
Dancing, dread skeletons were!

Grunt knocked her out and moved to the door
Ripped right through its iron hinges!
Inside the room we’d not seen before
A sight from which any man cringes

Bones stirred and floated through open air
Skeletal frames to build
And living souls here must beware
Lest the room be entirely filled

The door he’d ripped free, Grunt now threw
And the skull of the lead corpse fell
It rolled ‘cross the floor past the skeletal crew
And stared with the gaze of hell

By our magic’s light we could see the shade
That once was the form of a man
Grunt tore free a cloak in which bones long laid
And held it in one strong hand

He danced the dance of the shadow then
Eternally trapped by its fate
He shared the pain of what had been
And tore the poor spirit’s bait

The haunted shade turned to us all
It stood before Grunt toe-to-toe
With hands on his shoulders, lean and tall
It gave thanks, and we all watched it go…

Disclaimer: *The Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign path and all associated material is the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. All of Neela’s companions (read about them at the bottom of this post) are the intellectual property of my comrades at the gaming table.

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