The Dragon’s Moat

Hey guys! Long time no write, but guess what? A new bard! And thus new songs to share! She is currently traveling with a group of six companions on the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil* campaign path. It’s a 5th Edition game (I love 5th edition). So.. here’s the first song of their exploits.. And then for anyone inclined to know a little more about the group some descriptions will follow. 🙂

SPOILERS will VERY LIKELY be included in these songs so please be aware of that if you happen to be playing a Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil* campaign and desire to leave anything within it a surprise to you. Enjoy~

Songs: Two ‘songs’ follow. One is meant as the sort of Introduction Neela might use to any of the songs she later writes about the events which transpire in the Moathouse. It is a single stanza. The other is the first song about the moathouse.

Moathouse Introduction

Perhaps you know of the Moathouse, friends, about half a day’s walk away
With the little brook that curls and bends to keep her foes at bay
And maybe you imagined she lay empty all of these long nights
But let me tell you truly what we found awaiting us inside

The Dragon’s Moat

There before us, laying low, the murky dragon’s moat
Empty of smiling crocodiles, too shallow for a boat
Rather unimposing was the place from far away
But we drew near and witnessed there a dazzling display…

Blue were the scales of the beast we saw with cruel intent in its toothy grin,
And slowly opened the dragon’s maw while lightning crackled bright within!
He flew swift through the skies o’erhead on wings as sure as an arrow’s flight
And on his breath the purest dread to haunt the dreams of men at night!

Lightning scorched the high stone wall!
Reflected on axes, hammers, swords!
But that which can rise can also fall,
And dragons are known for their hoards!

Grunt took the lead as he charged at the beast, and his axe made an arc through the air
Those deep, blue scales were hard to the edge; he would find little purchase there!
Oji gave aid with a powerful spell and brought the haughty dragon low,
Sending fits of laughter peeling loud and setting tears on its scales to glow!

Lashul sent an arrow just past my ear to seek his quarry’s heart,
And Temper closed in alongside his friends, his hammer and shield to do their part!
Then Leo came abreast as well, to both attack and offer healing!
And I, for my part, stayed safely away weaving words t’would send the beast reeling!

Lightning burned both cobbles and flesh as it roared, and snarled, and bit!
Varis lashed out as the dragon did thresh, and his blades expertly hit!
We all followed suit with a mighty cry, the battle would be won!
And everything was over as quickly as it had begun…

That’s how we took the dragon’s moat and the courtyard he’d called home
And then we ventured further in – where darker things as yet did roam…

Neela’s companions* are:

  • Temper-vale, the warforged paladin who dearly loves the natural world and fights to preserve it while upholding all things right. Temper knows that Neela has a map in her possession about which she is rather secretive, but he doesn’t know what the map shows.
  • Grunt IV, the half-orc barbarian who is rather addicted to Neela’s food and who is endeavoring to learn to read from Neela… She’s teaching out of an ancient book of whimsical fairy tales. Grunt is reckless and passionate and fiercely protective of his companions from what Neela’s seen so far.
  • Leo, the human cleric of Kord, though it seems perhaps his powers come from another source. Leo was without much of anything when Neela first met him, but she gave him food and shelter and a warm reception and they made fast friends. Did I mention he is also a wizard? In fact he’s Cleric 1 Wizard 3 I think…
  • Oji, the crazy old human wizard. Oji travels to discover the secrets of alcohol. He is friendly and a bit reckless and Neela recently swiped a bell from him via sleight of hand because she was afraid of what come of it playing it in the presence of a rather evil place.
  • Varis, the wood elf rogue. Varis convinced Neela the best way for her to intimidate people was to “speak like a burly, Russian man”. Luckily Neela doesn’t try to intimidate people very often. :p Varis is an urchin, and he and Neela have that in common. They often scout ahead together since both are rather sneaky.
  • Lashul, the half-elven ranger whose father was apparently taken into slavery by the cult. Lashul is questing to find his father, but even if he weren’t he’s very much welcome among the party. He’s also keeping an eye on Neela as she doesn’t seem well-suited for forays into dangerous dungeons.
  • And Neela Littlefoot herself, the halfling bard. Neela was orphaned young by a black dragon’s attack on her halfling village. She holds a grudge against all dragons. She turned to thievery when she failed to support herself through any other means, and accidentally set off a magical rune that guarded a book. The rune was a Suloise wizard’s ward protecting his spellbook, and when it went off Neela became albino, lost her left arm from elbow to fingertips and found an invisible, ethereal, functional limb replaced it, and gained the arcane spark that is her bardic magic. She is a passionate cook who is rather touched by chaos but is not entirely reckless.

Her arm is a result of a house rule by the GM. Everyone gets ‘One Unique Thing’. I chose that arm, then made a story to go with it and tied in her appearance and bardic talent. 🙂 Anyways, lots of songs will likely come of this as the group seems pretty happy to chug along. Hopefully this campaign won’t peter out.

Disclaimer: *The Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign path and all associated material is the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. All of Neela’s companions above are the intellectual property of my comrades at the gaming table.

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