The Siren’s Song

Nothing fancy today… Just had this concept in my head (actually based on a modern setting with super heroes) of a villain who has sonic powers. She (or he, I suppose) sings and basically vibrates apart the very matter of all manner of things… Buildings, vehicles, people… However, in addition to this villain’s general powers, she has a song that works on one living creature at a time… They call it: The Siren’s Song, The Song of Death, or The Veil’s Sweet Lure. So… This villain looks at a person and begins to sing in a quiet, haunting voice… But only that person can hear the words and even people who can read lips just can’t make sense of hers despite the fact that they should be able to.

The Siren’s Song

This is not the end of you
This is not true death
You will see so many things
You never knew exist

Think of this unraveling
As a released breath
For you’ll find the other side
Is everything you’ve missed

Those who get to hear this lovely, haunting song always fall to pieces with a smile on their lips… Like Bliss itself has come and plucked them from the realm of the living before their body has fully broken down to it’s fragmented parts.

I know I rambled a lot this time! Hope you enjoyed the little song!

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