The Siren

So… After writing that last tiny, little song titled, ‘The Siren’s Song’ due to the general purpose of the ability it had… I wanted to write a song about the mythical Siren. I always think of evil mermaids, beautiful above the water and hideous below, when I think of Sirens (which is pretty close to what they are in Dungeons & Dragons)… But really they were more like normal, beautiful women, trapped on an island for their failure to intervene in Hades’ captivity of the lovely Persephone. They sang their song to attract ships so they would crash on the rocky shore, where they did not eat or kill the inhabitants (well, some say they ate them, but most don’t think so). Rather, the inhabitants were so spellbound by the Sirens’ song that they would not leave… And since part of the Siren’s banishment to the island was the loss of their wings, the Sirens had no way to feed them. Thus they all died on the island and rotted away there. According to one source the Sirens would only exist until the mortals who heard their song were able to pass them by… Or so I read somewhere. Anyways, enjoy~

The Siren

If music more pleasing than mine finds your ears
It’s likely too late to change your fate,
For Siren, she sings when e’er she appears
And that is her honeyed bait!

The notes will caress your senses; I confess:
She’s better than I’ll ever be,
For woman and man seem to always say yes
When invited to the shore of the sea!

The Siren’s voice,
The Siren’s smile,
The Siren’s lying kindliness,

‘Tis not a choice
For rank and file;
They simply have to acquiesce!

Be wary of music carried on the water,
For likely it’s been sung too long
By river or sea’s most callous daughter
Hoping to catch you in her song!

“Come and stay a while with me;”
Her honeyed words, they sound so true…
“…hear my song and see its beauty,”
Just cover your ears and pass on through!

The Siren’s voice,
The Siren’s smile,
The Siren’s earnest loneliness,

She has no choice;
That somber isle,
In solitude, binds her distress…

The rocks on the shore are jagged and rough
As sound echoes on in this midday calm.
This creature is lurking with her honeyed bluff
To call forth her one and only balm…

Company so fleeting, her captive heart is meeting.
For one more touch, one sweet embrace,
She pines as she whispers her gilded greeting…
Bringing more souls to that cursed place…

The Siren’s voice,
The Siren’s smile,
The Siren’s hidden hopelessness,

She made her choice
All the long while,
And now her soul cannot confess…

That song so full of beauty, sorrow also finds.
Caged in rock and salty sea, e’er she sings her melody.
She has failed her duty and every day her life reminds
None answer her desperate plea save the ships upon sea…

Now she sings her song again,
That sorrow all pent up within.
Should you see her lying grin
Best not forget all she has been…

The Siren’s voice,
The Siren’s smile,
The Siren’s fleeting happiness…

Tiny, rambly side-note: My husband and I actually use Sirens much closer to the mythological ones in our Dungeons & Dragons games. :p

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