Keys in the Water

Another song from my halfling bard on the adventure path called Shackled City. This is the fourth song Sorsha wrote about things we encountered in the first adventure. Enjoy~

Keys in the Water

Just days ago the children came home
And our heroes went back to the darkness below
There did they stay once again in the fray
Seeking the poor souls yet missing that day

And darkness cloaked them all around
As echoes danced in caverns long
And soon the warriors heard a sound,
The cruel and cowardly slaver’s song!

A pardon begged by their drow mistress
For sins she’d gladly do again!
An offer of release from their distress
For the captive folk from Cauldron!

A bit of fast talking, a smile and a word
Floating on air, fragile as lace
Then we were walking, and casually heard
Our enemies’ cares, the count of their pace

With measure laid thus for the strength of their force
Ryleth turned the tables and set a new course
Then an attack on the drow and her guards
Men of metal with fists just as hard

The drow fell quite swiftly but not ‘fore she told
Of where she had hidden the keys to her gold
Down in the waters of a chasms long bridge
So Ryleth went in, straight over the ridge!

He lept most gracefully to the water below
And met the surface with a quiet splash
Still the sound crept high as a heckling echo
Til the enemy came with a clamor and crash!

Sam, though, had readied his bow
And let fly his arrows into the dark
A hundred feet at least did they go
Through two narrow windows and still found their mark!

As the last stragglers crossed over the bridge
From so far below Ryleth threw a javelin
So one of the dark creepers then was impaled
And soon to the ground he found himself nailed!

Those that made their way across
Found Obash at the door
They saw his ‘glaive’ and were at a loss
Just before he carved them in the floor!

‘Crooked Fang’ we call it now,
His ‘glaive’ that bites so well somehow
Despite the way the ‘parts’ are bound
Obash drives ‘better’ works to ground!

When all was said and done we looked
To waters down below our rest
And Ryleth came up from the brook
The keys we sought he now possessed!

So the prisoners were freed
And safely back to Cauldron brought.
Now we’ve all taken a creed
And thus the Obsidian Order is wrought.

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