The Battle for the Children

Another song from my halfling bard on the adventure path called Shackled City. This is the third of four songs Sorsha (my bard) is planning to write about things we encountered in the first adventure. If things keep up at that rate she’ll have a pretty hefty collection by the time we finish all this. 🙂 Enjoy~

The Battle for the Children

I’m sure that by now
You’ve all heard about
Children stolen away in the night

And perhaps how
Three men came around
And vowed they would set this aright

These three, pleased be,
Going to battle for a righteous cause!
These three, seized be,
By the need for justice with nary a pause!

Already freed
Were two or three
Who came along to seize their fate

Far they had gone
In halls of black stone
To songs of chains and fire’s praise

The chorus of tears
Rings out through the years
And weathers all the stone away

So now, bare and gaunt,
The victims, they haunt,
The place our children had to stay…

Four pillars, reaching to the skies-
Or at least what should have been
For all the black there to be seen-
Rings on each where chains now binds,
The gentle wrists of precious life
To be bought with gold that night
But for how Fate wends and winds…

Well, Sam, with his golden hair,
He made it his affair
To creep into that haunting room

Once he was within there
He, with the utmost care,
Set up a trap – soon would act as a tomb!

Never once did the slavers stir,
Nor the children stare at his shadow!
Never once did a single murmur
Issue forth, bet they wish it had though!

He rejoined us skillfully,
Obash and Ryleth waited, ready…
We burst the doors in willfully,
And we caught the vile slavers unsteady!

One for the selling and one for the buying,
Two Dwarves that seemed half something else!
And how many people had they both seen dying,
Each just a coin weighing down fine their belts!

No remorse the slavers showed
No respite would be bestowed
And so did our battle begin!

Quick was the seller on his stout toes,
Alas, Sam’s chains chose to interpose,
The seller was caught up within!

Obash charged forward into the fray.
Soon did our friend make a grand display!
As glaive sank into the Hound of Quills
Its howl gave us all a bout of chills!

The Buyer, he vanished right into the air,
It seems he wanted naught of this affair…
A door did he open, but couldn’t pass through,
Before I rolled under him, what else could I do?

I listened as I braced the door,
My friends, my foes, what must be gore…
Sam told me when I could enter again
And my how the battle had changed by then!

The Seller was free of his iron anchor,
The Buyer was becoming quite a canker,
But ‘Quills’ I could see now lay dead.

Ryleth, with his mighty mace, was engaged,
With the Seller’s sharp axe as the battle raged,
But Sam shot the buyer right in his head!

Down fell the Dwarf, the half-something-else
And all that was left was his kin…
Knowing this, I turned while meaning to help…
But Ryleth had caged him by then…

Caged the leader behind the foul deed
Of bringing so many souls here…
And with neither a lock or a key;
He held him with nary a fear!

This is the tale of the Children’s Plight,
The Battle we fought to return them to light,
I’ll always remember the deeds of that night…
Thank gods they are free, and the world now is right….

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