This is the product of about ten minutes… Probably because I was actually sitting at my computer when I saw something that inspired me to write poetry (for once). The picture that made me want to write this was taken by a blogger known as Friar. His blog is called The Deep Friar, and I’ve been looking at the posts there on and off for quite some time now. The picture was the fifth one in his post, Best Fall Colors of 2014. I encourage you to go and take a look!


Like fire, like fire, the trees burn now
With not a cinder to be found
Brighter and Brighter above the ground
They burn, they burn for us now…

Now life, now life, in passion gives
This beauty draped so thickly
Fading and Fading far too quickly
This passion that life gives…

So dance, so dance, beneath the stars
Afore the morn drives them away
Smiling and Smiling we laugh and play
Beneath, beneath the lovely stars…

And while, and while, the leaves still burn
Ephemeral and tender
Shining and Shining is their splendor
The leaves, the leaves that burn…

But dreams, but dreams carry light to us
In forms we may not recognize
They help us to know and visualize
The light, the light our hearts hold for us…

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