Behind the Bronze Cog

In case anyone who reads this is better at naming things than I am… I think my bard is probably going to end up naming our adventuring party since she’ll likely be asked their name once she starts singing about them all over town. Right now I’ve been trying to come with something that relates to/embodies a strong sense of justice, wanderlust, and compassion. I’ve got nothing so far. Anyways, suggestions are welcome in the comments. That said…

This is another one from the halfling bard. Her name is Sorsha by the way. Full name Sorsha Vanderboren. The Vanderboren family is a human noble family of Cauldron that adopted Sorsha from an orphanage. She’s spent more time now with her human parents than her halfling parents, though she is very, very much a child of two worlds. She enjoys noble evens, you see, but she also loves to go ‘slumming it’ as some would call it. Dancing barefoot at parties the commoners and merchants of Cauldron are hosting, singing at taverns ‘below her station’. Anyways, this is the song of her adventuring party’s battle with a rather interesting D&D creature called a Grell (possibly/quite likely inspired/copied from mythology as many of D&D’s monsters are).

Behind the Bronze Cog

Wavering, teetering, far up above, a cog the size of a horse,
Bronze and still gleaming throughout the years hidden away in the dust!
We walked most calmly into the room, not one of us running away,
And yet we did know that we would meet soon; a creature which words cannot state!

(“Well, maybe -mine- can.” She gives an exaggerated wink to the audience.)

Down the cog fell with a thunderous thud, and startled me, rightly of course!
But what followed after surpassed all my fears, you’ll forgive me for that I must trust,
It had wrinkles like pasta that pulsated too, a beak sharper than any blade~
And from underneath, with ends like a harpoon’s, tentacles wanting a plate!

(“Of food that is, especially halfling sized.” She gulps dramatically.)

Well what, oh what, were we to do?
We couldn’t just turn and run-
And what do you think my friends thought too
When they saw that thing coming toward us!?

Well- Obash, you may have guessed, charged on in
His peg-leg not slowing him down a bit!
And Ryleth soon followed with hammer again
To see if this creature, its’ life would quit!

(“Ryleth’s the guard remember, and Obash the half-orc…”)

Sam Galanae brought the bow to his hand
And wouldn’t you know, he was great with it!
An arrow flew true for his silent command
And Sam nocked another, lickety split!

But the creature, it squawked as I never have heard,
And a feature I’ve yet to reveal-
The tentacles lashed out from that twisted ‘bird’
And many true strikes did they deal!

You see the Grell’s harpoon tips, they have a strange effect
They make you so you can’t move~
So if you lack common sense, even the beast predicts
It can make short work of you~

To our surprise Obash did not fall, instead he grew rather enraged-
He stabbed our enemy true with his glaive, payback for the wounds he now wore
And Ryleth, not idle, for battle did call, was up on the balcony where he now staged
An attack! An attack! I would not dare try, for a leap and a lash the Grell came to the floor…

(“And by the way, I’m not sure if you can really call it a glaive. You’ll understand if you see it.”)

Ryleth is valiant, and strong, and fierce, but eight stabs of the tips laid him still,
And yet his part was fulfilled even then, for the beast was now well within reach,
Even I took a chance and managed to pierce the creature with such evil will!
And Obash and Samuel knew that this was when their strikes could silence its’ screech!

Arrow and glaive dug into the brain, and out they soon came through a now-broken beak!
Still I pray most truly I shan’t meet again a creature with just that physique!

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