The Guard and the Bandits Three

The Guard and the Bandits Three

A half-elven guard strode through Cauldron’s fair streets under the stars high above…
When who, of all people, do you think he meets but three most unsavory thugs?
Faces all painted in white and in black, swords in their hands most unkind…
One weary soul in an alley is trapped who was, by these foul knaves, confined…
The guard challenged them with surety then, saying they must yield to the laws..
But as we all know, these sorts of men, make trouble for any small cause!

Oh-ho, the swords did gleam beneath the light of the moon,
Oh-ho, with comrades beside him, the guard set them right mighty soon!

But wait, I guess, there’s much left to say! For how did the skirmish go down?
Ryleth and Samuel rushed to the fray, much to their mutual renown!
Though Ryleth’s fine hammer flew swift through the air, he had no intent to kill,
And Samuel’s rapier, wielded with care- well they likely remember it still!

Oh-ho, two did they engage, parrying blows as they came!
Oh-ho, and surprise, surprise! A half-orc rushed onto the stage!

This one was quite tall, fearsome, and strong, with a pegleg in place of one boot!
But it didn’t take long for us all to see he wasn’t just some mindless brute!
Obash did growl as he knocked the third out, but left me and the cleric alone-
Yes! The man they’d assaulted, now watching the bout, in service his path has been sewn..
But now, my friends, Obash went to join brave Ryleth Farmere and Sam Galanae
And without ever asking for a single coin these stalwart men won us the day!

Well, as you may guess, I’m in a new D&D game. Have to say I love 5th edition so far. My biggest gripe with 4th was how many options I felt it took away (especially in regards to magic). In 5th I feel like they simplified a lot of things and retained variety for classes and for magic. : )

Anyway, in this game I am playing a halfling bard and the adventure path we are running is Shackled City… The city’s name is Cauldron. As always, I hope you enjoyed the poem~

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