How many rays shine in the skies?
How many stars before our eyes?
There’s beauty in this ravaged world.
There’s always more to be unfurled.

One more dream,
One more sigh,
One more grin,
As Fate draws nigh…

That’s what we fight for, just for each other,
Just for the beauty found in a day…
That’s what I live for and I can’t smother,
Smother the duty I have yet to pay…

For one more dream
And one more sigh,
To see the stars
Shine in the sky…

What would you give for one more day
If you could live life the old way?
For one more hour with those you love?
Or one more flower or one more dove?

On such a dream
We all rely
And hope and pray
Fate will comply…

Another poem for Evangelion.

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