A Pilot’s Resolve

A Pilot’s Resolve

The world is falling
Half-drowned in her own tears…
The fate of man is calling
Over these many years…

I was born for a purpose
And I was born to be here.
I now carry the burden
Of chasing away all the fear.

Walk with confidence,
Smile and wave when they cheer;
Just a kind pretense
When Death is breathing so near.

The world is falling
Half-drowned in her own tears…
The fate of man is calling
As judgment day appears…

Angels, come and find me
I’m waiting here for you…
I hear the call of the banshee
But I’m not afraid to carry through…

My destiny is waiting,
My soul resounds with truth,
And death itself is baiting
The impulses of youth…

I’ll meet them in my colossus;
My rage will carry us through…
I know no matter the losses
It’s worth it to live anew…

The world is falling…
But hasn’t yet been lost.
And now our battle’s calling…
And we must pay the cost.

I stand between life and death,
And look upon our grave…
But with my every breath,
Man’s future I will save…

The first poem I’ve written for this blog in ages and it’s not a fantasy poem of any flavor… Rather, this is inspired by a character in an Evangelion game. Very different world from the Dungeons & Dragons I’m used to. On that note, Dungeons & Dragons 5E is out now. I imagine that I will have a game of that to enjoy within the next few months. Enjoy the Eva poem~ šŸ™‚

P.S. This one does have a tune in my mind so I may at some point record a sound file of the song for it. I’m not the best, but I think the tune adds to the fluidity of the words so they feel more natural and smooth. It also really brings out the mood of the song as I perceive it. Anyways, enjoy.

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