The Lords of Ladamere

My bard used ‘inspire courage’ for the first time this game (Fellow D&Ders will understand) and sang a little song about some adventurers well-known in stories and fables of her area. I figure this one can be used in just about any setting. Particularly if you change the ending syllable from ‘mere’ to something more fitting… So, the Elves of Glassy Mere, for example. Or The Dwarves of Deep Dunweir. etc. etc. It will preserve the internal rhyme scheme in the lines while better flavoring the song for someone else’s tale.

Anyway, enjoy~

The Lords of Ladamere

The Lords of Ladamere, how loud their horns are blowing
As battle wages far and near with their wives never knowing
The danger that their lives are in when our bright sun starts rising
And how it all begins again with routine so surprising.

The Lords of Ladamere, bravely fought and bravely won
A host of battles here, so legacy is not undone!
And warriors, each one, with hearts of stone and blades of steel
With their journey begun turn mind away from home and field.

Ba-dun ba-dun ba-duuun the mighty horn is calling
Ba-dun ba-dun ba-duuun their comrades yet are falling
Ba-duuun ba-duuun do you hear the mourning sound
Ba-duuun ba-duuun as knights sweep over blood-soaked ground

A Lord of Ladamere, will fight with fire in his heart
Protecting what is dear, seeking but to do his part.
So take up arms and join the call when battle rages long
Protect the home of one and all and stand together strong!

Take up arms and heed the horn that in the distance blares
And let the whispers in the morn carry all our prayers!

6 thoughts on “The Lords of Ladamere

    1. Sounds like it could be fun! I’ll take a look soon, though it will be a bit before I ‘jump in’ with the participation. πŸ™‚

      1. luckily it doesn’t require much participation. you can come in and put in your 2 cents only once if you’d like. It only takes the same amount of time as it does to post a comment…

    1. Thank you! I read it over and it looks beautiful to me, though I’m sure I’m mispronouncing at least half of the Italian words. πŸ˜‰

      By all means, use it for your game. I’m happy to know it will find a home at your table (or on your forum or chat program, etc.)!

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