The Heroes of Northfield

My latest bard illustrating to her potential traveling companions just why they should take her along with them:

The Heroes of Northfield

Unlikely heroes rest within these very walls
But who here is impressed by songs not sung at all?

Look then to that distant table
See the men there, both so able?
Would you with your eyes believe
Their works are made of hero’s weave?”

Have you heard of the town of Northfield? The tragedy they nearly faced?
Disease had taken to Northfield, and they only survive by simple grace…
Heroes came to find them with medicine in hand
The form a precious flower’s stem in native’s high demand!

You see the flower was burial mark
To souls of the forest, deep and dark,
And for each that they would collect
They had to pay in blood and sweat!

Can you imagine? Can you conceive?
The notion of bleeding for what you believe?
These souls here bled for strangers lives
And what did they meet on their return but a bed of lies?

Oh yes, met with a bed of lies!

Let me tell you what I mean,
You see this soul-felt day,
The two had done their greatest deed
And then to their dismay

The tavern where they went for rest,
Respite from honest labor
Was filled with souls who did their best
To steal from them their favor

Look, look at them
Where they sit so quiet…
Can you imagine they’d begin
What soon became a little riot?

No, I can’t either.

The crowd spoke ill of half the pair
And the other rose to make it fair
So no song took flight for their good deeds
As memories turned sour instead you see…

And do you earnest, honest folk know what reward they claimed?
For all they did and all they risked to save a village, pained?
A feast, just one, a simple, wholesome feast,
No coin, no treasure, no tax, my friends,
But a simple, wholesome feast.

Isn’t it grand and good to know
When trouble is brewing just where to go
Where heroes sit at your own tables
Dining and listening to age-old fables?

Isn’t it grand and good for sure
To know your lives are so secure
As so nearby rest men so made
To turn the arc of bandit’s blade?

She followed the song with a call to applause for the lads who’d worked so hard, “Let’s give a hand to the heroes of Northfield!”

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