Night Dancer & Day Walker Calling

These are the two poems my husband and I use in our profiles for the Pathfinder game we run on RPOL. Mind you, we don’t think we’re gods, by any stretch of the imagination. We just enjoy the irony of our screen names reflecting two of the deities in the homebrew setting the game takes place in while we lay the story out for our wonderful players. : ) Enjoy~

The Night Dancer’s Calling

Spins and Swirls
Dips and Curls
Before your Naked Eye
Days of Dreams
Pulling Seams
Beneath the Open Sky
Dare to See
Dare to Be
What none before has been
Take My Hand
Follow Me
Your Destiny is Keen

The Day Walker’s Calling

Slowly Walk
Slowly Burn
Slowly in the Heat
Ne’er to Balk
Ne’er to Turn
Ne’er your fate to cheat
Before the Path
Before the Toil
Before the Will of Gods
Naught but Wrath
Naught but Roil
Naught but better odds

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