The Fountains

Hmm.. I guess this one was written with the loss of words in mind. I cherish my freedom with expression, and I imagine it would be a hard loss for me. A song of mourning then, for the freedom of words.

The Fountains

Words flow like streams from a fountain
And hearts glow in the shade of the mountain
And dreams are born on wings of hope
With seams stronger than rope

Thoughts form like pillars of rock
And they storm as a mighty flock
Serving to rouse the sleepy from rest
Serving to douse the flames of our best

Unity, oh unity~
Grant our words impunity
If they serve community
Unity, oh unity~

Fears take like bears to fresh honey
And some break so simply for money
Let words flow like streams again
And hearts glow as they did then

Then when the mountain was quaking
And then when the fire was breaking
When dreams were borne on wings of hope
With seams made much stronger than rope

Unity, oh unity~
Would sacrifice community
To garner its impunity
Unity, oh unity~

Words, now, like fountains no longer flow
Hearts, now, like fires withdrew their glow
And faith and hope that once birthed dreams
Now wait to bare their ragged seams

What has become of this place?
Where now rests the grace
That once was found within the halls
Of kings who answered duty’s calls?

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