Friendship Lost

One of my characters has been fighting to keep a friend in a forum game for several months now, but they keep pushing her away and doing things to hurt her. I think recent events have proven the last this particular character can really handle on account of the other character in question. She’s going to let go, and it’s tearing her up inside.

Friendship Lost

When a friendship hurts more than it helps,
When both faces of the coin have felt
The toil and wear of life’s demands,
Sometimes it’s best to free your hands


Pain, like a rain upon your skin,
Like the feel of ice within,
Within your very soul~

Loss, like a gloss over your eye,
Like that damning need to cry,
Cry until you’re whole~

When has there been too much fighting? Too much trying to hold on?
When is it too much to ask just to linger through the dawn?

The pain is so seeded it blossoms in your heart
A flower that needed a brighter start…
The roots, they hold fast against expectation,
Burrowing down, seeking liberation

Feeling won’t last beyond the fore
And friendship is lost once more… once more~

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