Beseech the Moon

Another D&D song. Another Elven D&D song. Another Elven D&D song regarding the Moon Goddess.

Beseech the Moon

Dust of the silver moon covers her skin
Hair of golden hue framing her playful grin
Eyes filled with moon’s light
Gaze of a holy night
Goddess great, goddess divine
Grant to me but a moment of time

Let your gaze
Pass this way
Over the tasks I perform for you

The silver haze
Strips away
The barriers I wear before you

Moonlight’s dance in her every move
A sidelong glance and she’s captured you
Lady of elves, Lady on high
We still ourselves when you happen by
For but a moment spent in your sight
Most would weather the longest night

Let your gaze
Pass over me
Over the blood I shed for thee

Through silver haze
You can still see
The warrior I have come to be

Starlight’s warmth in your every touch,
But is the time I beg too much?
Can you spare a moment’s grace
To hear my prayer and look on my face?
Let my words reach your divine ears
A small reward for my given years..

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