Sailor’s Hymn to the Moon

A hymn sung by a cleric I play. ‘the Moon’ is actually Ehlonna to her. There is only one deity in that campaign, and the cleric is one of her ‘Wolves’ or servants bent to the protection of others.

Sailor’s Hymn to the Moon

Ah~ah~ah~ Ah~a~a~ah A~a~a~ah Ah~a~a~ah
Silver light of the moon so bright
Shine on we within your night
Show us where we may seek what’s right
And glean just a bit of your graceful might

Ah~ah~ah~ Ah~ah~ah Ah~a~a~ah Ah~a~a~ah
Silver whisper in the dark
Turn the tide into your lark
Take her voice, carry it far
See that your words never miss their mark

2 thoughts on “Sailor’s Hymn to the Moon

    1. Hee. This one is one of my favorites of late simply because it was written for D&D. I should write more for D&D campaigns and I probably will in the near-ish future. πŸ™‚ Enjoy it! πŸ˜€

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