Zephyr’s Waking

The bardess was hired on as entertainment at a springtime ball. Naturally she wrote new music for it. 🙂 Also, since I missed my Monday post, you get a bonus post over the weekend~

Zephyr’s Waking

Opened eyes at sun’s rise
Glittering sea of dew behold!
Flowers bloom in rays of gold
On the tail of winter’s sighs…

One more year the world has seen,
One more cycle of the stars!
Now the orrey’s structured bars
Turn above a treasure, green!

Oh~ Colossus cries:
Night has come and passed again
See, this morning, Spring begin
Oh-oh-oh-oh! With Zephyr’s rise~
Zephyr’s, Zephyr’s rise!

Intertwining, reaching forth
Longer vines and taller nettles
Lost within the flower petals
As the cold flees to the north

The first of Zephyr’s breath she takes!
Cool and fresh the air must feel,
Crisp and swift with Winter’s seal:
The last of white snowflakes~

The frost that once hung in the air
Is now replaced by winged seeds
That gently sway as newborn reeds
Form the season’s silky hair

Oh~ Zephyr sighs~
That warmth and joy in her amber eyes~
Spring has come with her first sunrise!
Oh-oh-oh-oh! See Zephyr’s prize~
Oh-oh-oh-oh! See Zephyr’s prize~

Morning gems on silken beds
Are her fair limbs, so lithe and long,
And her sweet voice, it is the song
Of birds in chorus with raised heads!

Oh-oh~ She is the spring!
Come and celebrate with we
As gold and orange on the sea
Weave her skirts and colors bring!

Oh-oh~ Bring this day to our fair land
What night would take and keep away
But she must yield before the day
So we may see Zephyr’s soft hand!

Oh~ Zephyr flies~
With cloud her garment’s ribbons tie!
She is the envy of the sky!
Oh-oh-oh-oh! Zephyr rise~
Zephyr rise~ Zephyr rise for us again~

Oh~ Our maiden, fair,
With newborn reeds for silken hair
And eyes of sunlight’s purest flare,
With your beauty none may compare!

Oh~ Sweet Zephyr, true
With flowery limbs open anew
And clothes of waves and sunlight too
Who could e’er forget you?

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