Another poem from my mourning bard…


World full of lies before my eyes
What would you have me believe?
Those I despise, their words and their cries,
Were they the ones to deceive?

…Were they the ones to deceive?

I close my eyes and hide from the sky,
But all I can dream is to fly!
The words of the wise are lost in a sigh,
And I am left wondering why –

Why did I end up this way?
…Why did I end up this way?

What can I save by being blind?
What can I hope to preserve?
Might being brave lead me to find
A well of hidden reserve?

And now a poem from me. So you know, I was reflecting on a dark time in my past. I am currently doing quite well and living quite happily.


Why are you silent when your heart bleeds?
Why is there pain every time you breathe?
I don’t see bruises or violent deeds
So what haunts you in your memories?


Is it the judging gaze of those
Who have not been there, who do not know
What it feels like to be a rose
With stem cut short so you cannot grow?

….you cannot grow…

Why place your heart on bare display
And take the risk they’ll turn you away
When you can choose simply not to say
What it is haunting you today?

…haunting you today…

Can you move forward from such times,
And all the pain, leave it behind,
Seeking the balm for emotional crimes,
Or is there nothing left to find?

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