Rose of Ascalon

Happy New Year!!!

And with that, we’re back to the normal programming folks. Well, sort of! Today I give you a song I wrote.. sung by me! But be warned, the singing isn’t the greatest… Just a way to give others an idea how it sounds in my head. 🙂

Rose of Ascalon

Rose that blooms in fields of gold
With petals red and thorns so bold
How many stories there are told
What secrets do you hold?

Born beneath the great North Wall
To see it rise and see it fall
And hear the sound that was the call
To battle for us all

Oh, oh, hear it ring
As high our bows do sing!
And word the heralds bring
To those who can’t but cling!

Crimson on the field
As Danger takes her yield
And who but we can shield
Our love from hate revealed?

Oh, oh, weapons clash
As claws swipe and fangs gnash
And soldiers fall to ash
For actions made too brash

Rose that blooms so boldly there
With petals red and soft and fair
How do you live in places where
Stronger creatures won’t dare?

Back and forth the battles rage
As war the mighty now must wage
This territory through the age
Is made the timid stage

Oh, oh, hear her cry
For times that have gone by
Her quaking, quiv’ring sigh
As nature’s gone awry!

Crimson is the ground
In rivulets the soil is drowned
Sacrifices for the crowned
Of the honor-bound

Oh, oh, feel the breeze
Carrying memories
She will wind through the trees
And roses’ gleaming leaves

P.S. Ascalon and North Wall are references to places in ArenaNet’s Tyria. Give them credit for that. Me for the arrangement of the words! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rose of Ascalon

    1. It’s mostly a matter of being shy and not having a sound controlled environment. Sometimes I can sing a song in a matter of minutes without any creaking or barking or typing or coughing in the background… Other times…..

      Well, it gets difficult. Thank you for the compliment. I do plan to record more as time goes on, I just need more time to get it down to a nice, clean, tidy system. 🙂

      Glad you’re using it! 😀

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