Hoelbrak Carols

Day five of my five days of Carols! Enjoy~

Today’s are the songs we are singing in Hoelbrak!

Winter Nights

The snows pile higher as night grows long
The homesteads gather to share in song
And where an ale is lifted to toast
A cheerful voice is sure to boast!


High above twinkle the lights of night
Glisten does the ground, covered in white
In cheerful hearths do fires roar
And as each keg runs empty we open more


Feel the chill off the Shiverpeaks
Growing stronger in passing weeks
As we all trade our stories bold
To gather what we value more than gold


Come to Hoelbrak’s mighty sprawl
See the glory that we call
Home in the winter and summer now
Though to retake our old is our solemn vow

…Solemn vow…

We’ll take our battles high up the mount
And lay down our enemies well beyond count
To reclaim the home that once was ours
And spit upon Jormag in his final hours


Winter nights draw out
As we boast and shout
Don’t throw curse throw a keg or a fist
And don’t let your story be one that is missed

Winter nights draw out
And each Norn must prove to be stout
In drinking and combat and company
That their legend be held in memory


See the snow on the ground
We travel upon it without a sound
Of complaint or tiring here throughout
The Norn who have traveled south

A Kegfull of Cheer

Have you ever seen a kegfull of cheer?
How bright has it been in this very year?
When hammer and axe and sword and shield
Have taken a tax from the Svanir’s yield?

Have you ever known that sweethoney dew
On the tip of your tongue and then traveling through
Every inch of your body from head to toe
To bring you a buzz only Norn can know?


-a Kegfull of cheer!

Bring to me your largest mug, Dear,
Let me enjoy it and close out the year

With: Oh-oh-

-a Kegfull of cheer!

Have you ever caught scent of a spirit so sweet?
So much more appealing than Bear’s smelly feet!
Leopard may prowl and raven may tweet
But they can’t give us cheer with this beer to compete!


-a Kegfull of cheer!

And it’s the season you hear
Songs in the streets and naught to fear

With: Oh-oh-

-a Kegfull of cheer!

This drunken Norn will now take his leave
Before more offense in this song does he weave
But on my way out I offer you this:
A Wintersday merry and rife with bliss

And Oh-oh-

-a Kegfull of cheer!

May all of your glory and honor draw near
To lift you up higher than we can yet peer

With: Oh-oh-

-A Kegfull of cheer!

And happiness in the new year!
Winter’s behind us and spring coming clear

As: Oh-oh-

-a Kegfull of cheer!

Wintersday Stein

Olaf Olafson did stand
Upon the snow and hold in hand
A mighty sword that was so grand
None would dare to bear its brand

The oaf that Olaf was did cry
Stop idling and sniveling by
And come to tempt your fate and die
In the glory of combat I supply

Not a Norn did rise to meet
The burly Olaf on his feet
That day on whence the snows did greet
The south and steal away their heat

Twas the same, twas the same
That Olaf on his ground did claim
He would bring another shame
Before the end of winter came!

And when at last a Norn did rise
And idly come wandering by
With not a weapon at his side
Again our Olaf then did cry

Stop idling and sniveling there
Come to meet me with a care
You may try your greatest snare
But I’ll be the last taking his air!

That Norn was grey and tired true
And his expression now askew
Without a weapon I challenge you!
And today you’re proven a mighty shrew!

Silence then did fill the air
And Olaf growled and there did stare
Upon the Norn with his grey hair
Who showed such gall and fate did dare

With not a word did they announce
Their battle started with the pounce
Of Olaf on the grey he’d trounce
To make his insult then denounced

But the grey Norn produced a flask
And opened it so sure and fast
The liquid then the blade did mask
The old Norn dodged the blade that passed

A mug he then claimed form his hip
And held it in a sturdy grip
Olaf laughed, his blade did drip,
And took the time to make a quip

You face me now with quite a stein
A mug of craftsmanship so fine
When I have laid you down to die
I’ll claim that bauble with your pride

Come on then and do the deed
The Grey did answer to his lead
And waited then and did take heed
Lest Olaf’s mighty blade mislead

The strike did come swiftly his way
And the old man with hair of Grey
He dodged aside and kept at bay
Olaf’s promise of the day

So did their dance unfold
With not a strike by either, bold
But drops of liquid in the cold
When finally the Norn so old

Brought his stein into the blade
And smirked so widely as dismay
Did claim dear Olaf’s ugly face
As his steel cracked and then did break

The cold can claim a costly toll
To Norn so young and still so bold
The Grey said plainly as he strolled
For where the story did unfold

What of me? – Poor Olaf cried!
If I had won you would have died
And only after you had cried
And begged to save your sorry hide

Be thankful it is Wintersday
And you, young boy, a lesson take
No matter if you’re bold and brave
Pride a fool of you can make

Wintersday Festivity

Norn on a journey to make their name
Know not a worry about their fame
For deeds of heroism are sure to claim
Respect from those who seek the same

Find your way to Hoelbrak now that we have come south
Sit a while around our fires and hear the word of mouth
Circling of heroes of the might Norn
Who make our stand against the dark from the day we’re born

Norn on a journey to make their name
Know not a worry about their fame
For deeds of heroism are sure to claim
Respect from those who seek the same

Gifts are exchanged in these months of the year
And actions are taken to bring about cheer
Spirits are drunk until minds are clear
Of worries which linger from the now-passed year

Norn on a journey to make their name
Know not a worry about their fame
For deeds of heroism are sure to claim
Respect from those who seek the same

Come share a table with we happy souls
Who have earned our stories new and old
In earnest attempts to accomplish our goals
And bring to us glory more valuable than gold

Norn on a journey to make their name
Know not a worry about their fame
For deeds of heroism are sure to claim
Respect from those who seek the same

The food here is piping hot, the drinks pouring free
And we’re happy just to share in memory
Deeds of our forebears or visitors we see
And join in the songs of the skalds merrily

Norn on a journey to make their name
Know not a worry about their fame
For deeds of heroism are sure to claim
Respect from those who seek the same

Raise your glass with us this Wintersday
Share a flask with us and dance, fight, or play!
We as a merry band will happily say
Fortune smile upon you,
Spirits walk beside you,
Happiness find you on.. Wintersday~

Farewell to Hoelbrak

Here did we come, to this land of snow
To share in your stories and winter’s glow
To offer some songs and memories known
Of those come before in your mighty home

Friendship and kinship we hope to find
And darkness to leave in the lands behind
As we all venture through lands so fine
If cold beyond the ken of our kind!

So Hoelbrak, Hoelbrak, thank you city, fair
And Norn who now are dwelling there
For hosting us this Wintersday and letting us share
A bit of warmth from the southern air

Here did we come, to this land of snow
To share in the strength and glory you know
With hearts all uplifted and feeling aglow
We may take with us a bit when we go

A bit of your courage and bravery
A bit of the cheer we have known and seen
Here in the mountains, the cold Shiverpeaks,
With you, our dear allies, with whom we speak

So Hoelbrak, Hoelbrak, thank you city, fair
For harboring we strangers in your chill air
And hosting us so that we could share
An bit of joy on a Wintersday so fair!

Disclaimer: All of those pretty, shiny names and things were in the GW2 universe and were used in my poems only because they are for my RP there. Please don’t think I’m wanting any credit to them… My only rights are for the arrangement of the words, and I hope that has been able to bring a smile to your lips today.

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