Black Citadel Carols

Day four of my five days of carols!

Today’s are the songs we are singing in The Black Citadel for the warlike Charr! I hope you enjoy them, and don’t mind the disclaimer at the bottom!

Drums of Wintersday

Rra ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta ta-ta (ta-ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta-ta)

Drums in the streets! Hear the echo, feel the beats!
Power in the sound that reverberates!
Clang! Hammer falls on the metal sheets!
As weapons form from strong debates!

Yet even here, with smolders near,
And fires burning high,
We can spare a bit of cheer
For those who wander by!

Rra ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta ta-ta (ta-ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta-ta)

A yelp make the young as they turn and run
Down the metal path neath their paws
But you rest assured, they will have their fun
As the snow molds neath their claws

Winter’s come to the Citadel, and the soldiers march abroad (March abroad!)
And a chest puffed up, full of pride so gruff, can be seen, in every squad
As our cubs grow strong, and their limbs grow long, and their fangs, slender or broad
Can be put to use by the pack they choose, for their paws are fully clawed!

Rra ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta ta-ta (ta-ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta-ta)

Oh ta-ta, oh ta-ta, oh-oh-oh

The young are fully clawed!
And take their breaks in the white landscapes
Abed beside their squad!

Wintersday Weaponry

It’s the deep, low thunder of drums that sounds for us to come
Fight or show, the beat of that drum is one we all must know
And metal clanks as we march on forth with weapons on our backs
Dare you stand in our path to tempt them from our packs?

But lo’ a whisper carries forth through the rank and file
Of the mischief we’ll comport in so short a while
When we meet the legions there, we ready our weapons true
And fire a blaze of sparkling lights into the sky so blue!

Rum-thrum the beat of the drum sounds again for us
And soon the sparks and whistles heard have stirred up quite a fuss
And ranks are breaking and soldiers laughing and snowballs taking air
Who could have known weaponry that glows could start such an affair?

It’s the deep, low thunder of drums that sounds for us to come
Fight or show, the beat of that drum is one we all must know
But stars are shining high above and laughter all around
For legion by legion laughs and plays without losing any ground!

The Truth of Charr on Wintersday

Our thoroughfare of metal gears
Is oddly bare this time of year
As travelers find their way home
To celebrate within the glow
Of fires warm and burning strong
Before their journeys start, so long
And every day is filled with song
From every foreign mob or throng!

Wintersday, Wintersday
Has come again their children say
And ask if they can run and play
While here the fahrars work away

Oh our statues tall and proudly rent
To honor that which they depict
Are gazed upon far less these months
And spoken of not quite as much
While cubs in fahrars earn their place
Perhaps given a bit to race
And here and there to sneak and play
With snowballs in the fields of day

Wintersday, Wintersday
Has come again the Charr will say
And see the cubs and wise-paws play
While they present a stoic face

Peculiar are the snowmen standing
Fireworks and snowballs landing
On the roads we’ve worked so hard
As though they’re naught but common yard
And here and there a tree may rest
Hidden away in festive dress
Where presents wrapped and topped with bows
May be found upon the snows

Wintersday, Wintersday
Have you not heard us say,
The mighty here can’t waste in play
Even a moment on this day?

And yet if you were quite still,
Possessed both time and the will
To wait and see how we may be
When left in our own company
You would see on Wintersday
Even elders stoop to play
And gifts exchanged in places gray
As time slowly does wind away!

Coming of Spring

I savor the moment when clouds break
Like swords on iron, constructs make
For music in the air to me,
A blissful, warlike harmony!

Autumn falls to winter’s cold
Though winter soon is growing old
Until the spring can make her fold
And come again, so strong and bold!

The war machines are glistening then
Each gear polished and shined again
As we ready ourselves for the coming spring
And the glory and triumph that she will bring!

Let the humans have their prayers;
They fall on ears deaf to their cares!
We build religion out of steel,
And not a one of us will kneel!

I savor the moment when clouds break
Like swords on iron, constructs make
For music in the air to me,
A blissful, warlike harmony!

But in the lull before the storm
Is Wintersday so bright and warm
When even we will stop and be
Content in kinship bold and free!

Snows have fallen, now they melt
Before the mighty spring is felt
And we will raise a glass or two
To the trials we have battled through!

Farewell Citadel

Farewell Citadel, ominous true,
With heart of steel driving you.

Forges, burning hot and bright,
Gleam within the dark of night
On roads of metal, slick and cold
Built for a race so proud and bold.

We came to honor you
With sentiments both plain and true
And here hope you found our words
Brought your memories astir

Cheer and season’s glow
Guide you safe across the snow
And joy find your hearth is warm
Should ever a blizzard storm

Wintersday is here
May you share its cheer
And working hard and toiling strong
Find you’ve made your honor long

Farewell Citadel, ominous true
To eyes which are not accustomed to you


Disclaimer: All of these pretty, shiny names and things were in the GW2 universe and were used in my poems only because they are for my RP there. Please don’t think I’m wanting any credit to them…

The words:  Wintersday, Charr, The Citadel, Black Citadel

My only rights are for the arrangement of the words, and I hope that has been able to bring a smile to your lips today.

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