The Grove Carols

Day three of my five days of carols!

Today’s are the songs we are singing in The Grove! I hope you enjoy them, and don’t mind the disclaimer at the bottom!

First Winter

Cold is the touch of the day’s gentle wind
Crisp with the snow that it carries
And on the rise the lynx laid and grinned
With eyes bright as winter berries

Bloom in the winter, wander free
Feel the cool air all around you
Shelter neath our Pale Tree
Or hear the journey call to

Call to – Call to – Call to you

What wonders can we know
Under sun and moon and snow?
What sparkling, streaming beauties
Do we make our duties?

Flurry, snowfall, blizzard, storm
Open your buds to hear the word
That describes the cold in swarm
From lips of creatures you’ve not heard

Bloom in winter, wander free
Feel the cool air all around you
In your heart hold our Pale Tree
On the journey you’re called to

Called to – Called to – Called to do

What wonders will you know
Under sun and moon and snow?
What sparkling, streaming beauty
Will you make your duty?

Close your eyes and feel
The cold, the chill;
Isn’t it surreal
This winter’s will?

See the lynx smile in the day’s gentle wind
Fur dotted with the snow the wind carries
And on the rise you laughed and you grinned
For your first taste of winter berries


Blossoms ope eyes in the light of the morn
Colors dance brightly on icicles borne
Air is so crisp on the lips that first moment
As world after world comes into focus

Now we have walked all the roads we can know
Seeking to find all the good we may sew

In my first months, never once did I see
Such a grand gathering as what will be
Happening in winter to herald the spring
As one merry portrait is made up of string

Carry me home with word of this day
Let me bring here what hearts now must say:
Humans are kind and as warm as in May,
And even the Charr have been seen out at play!

Now we have walked all the roads we can know
Seeking to find all the good we may sew
And there have seen how all things will grow
When kindness and love upon them is bestowed

This day of giving, this season of song
Bright as the living, but held just so long
Why won’t it reach beyond boundaries long
And bring all its cheer to carry us strong?

Still, see the lights? Hear the bells? Taste the treats?
And see, with a smile, how every soul greets
Both here in The Grove and in stranger streets?
Let the joy carry through to all you meet!

Wintersday the humans say, I embrace it too!
What could be the harm today in sharing this with you?

Merry Weather

Do you sense the shift in the weather?
The feel of the cold in the air?
What might we learn in this season?
If we keep our ear to the wind?
And what could be the cause
To make others act so strange?

Others may claim there’s nothing strange
In the motive of the weather,
But to us there is enough cause
In the whispers carried by the air
And sped along on the chill wind
To really search the season!

What has brought in the season
And made her winds so white and strange?
White specks, the kiss upon the wind,
Of this fair and chilly weather.
We can hardly know the air
When such cold has no visible cause!

We must, we must learn the cause
Of cheer and chill this season!
And then the purpose in the air
That is so very strange!
It cannot be just the weather
Nor simply the wind!

Naught but moving air is wind
And joy she would not cause
But snowflakes in the weather
Perhaps herald this season
When all are acting oh so strange
And cheer is in the air~

What better air could be the air
That we enjoy sped on the wind
To places we think far and strange
Where perils cannot cause
A wither in the season
Who hosts such merry weather?

Yes joy is in the air and merriment the cause
As songs upon the wind carry through the season
And bright will be the weather that none can now find strange!

Light of Heart

Glory, glory,
Lines our story
As we fight for
Those we love

Frost and snow can’t keep at bay
The merriment we’ve known
And who, my friends, can say today
They’ve ever fought alone?

Not here, not here
Not with battle near
We must fight together
To safe keep all we love

Sunlight, moonlight, starlight
None can shine quite as warm
Over a soldier’s lifelong plight
As we weather every storm

As sisters and brothers
Sharing the fields
That we may give to others
The life which prosper yields

Glory, glory
Bathes our story
As we fight together
To protect all we love

And in this season, living,
When all races the world around
Are gathering and giving
We offer up our merry sound

As sister and brothers
Who share the fields
And aim to help those others
That are in need of shields

Strength we offer up to you
And food and warmth and friendship
For winter brings the snow anew
While we profess our kinship

Lean on one another
In the cold of night
And darkness cannot smother
A heart that’s shared so light

Glory, glory
Shines in our story
As we fight together
To preserve all we love

Farewell, The Grove

Lights dance in the trees
With their open leaves
And sounds upon the breeze
A melody weaves

Enchantment in the air
And all around
Nature shines fair
In sight and in sound

We came to share a bit of cheer
But found it here already
In ringing laughter, joy so clear,
And merriment flowing steady

From leaf to branch to root below
The nectar brims and tides do flow
And all around the sparkling glow
This is the Mother’s Grove~

Perhaps we still leave an impression
A smile here, there a lesson
Born of the heart to share with you
A vision of a world so new

New, though it’s old to our kind
So fading in the boughs we find
We hold too strong to what we know
To let our presence grow

In peace, in peace,
We come to you in peace
And offered here a bit of joy;
All that we can release!

In warmth, and love,
We come to you in love
Of all things in this time so dear
To share what we dream of!

Enjoy this glimpse,
This dreamer’s kiss,
Upon your ears so young

And let there be
A memory
Of when this song was sung

Disclaimer: All of these pretty, shiny names and things were in the GW2 universe and were used in my poems only because they are for my RP there. Please don’t think I’m wanting any credit to them…

The words:  Pale Tree, Wintersday, Charr, The Grove, the Mother

My only rights are for the arrangement of the words, and I hope that has been able to bring a smile to your lips today.

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