Rata Sum Carols

Day two of my five days of carols!

Today’s are the songs we are singing in Rata Sum! I hope you enjoy them, and don’t mind the massive disclaimer at the bottom!

Wintersday Specifications

Every angle of Rata Sum is lining up today
Arranging for you all to come and spend your time in play
Among spectacular devices arranged in acute arrays
And exemplary prizes we’re storing out of phase

Lights arranged in circuits grand all cycle through their course
And large displays, all golem-based, make use of measured force
Then leap across the sky so clear their gears and cogs they gleam
And with precision land their fare where we dictate by beam

Oh ho ho! – Come to Rata Sum this season!
Oh ho ho! – See the logic and the reason!
We apply – To festivity in perfect measure!
And so spy – A sight that nowhere else you’ll treasure!

Candy canes have a place in our grand displays,
And golems wreathed in shining things who move in perfect waves
Synchronized and counting truly to the culmination
Of a ‘dance’ ruled by mathmetics in a simple equation!

Krewe after krewe has turned out too
And offered their keen intellects, true
So interconnecting and overlaid
Is our celebration this Wintersday!

Square up the Yards

Square up the yards!
Bring out the presents!
It’s time for us all to make way~

Hang up the stars!
Let’s make the presence
Of holiday cheer felt this Wintersday~

Every polished stone will gleam
In Rata Sum today!
And here will be the cheerful scene
Of children come to play!

Snowballs flying through the air
In calculated arcs so bare
To the naked eye could be
A Wintersday study~

Perhaps a competition too
Of golems built with brightest hue
Of red and green and maybe white
To sparkle through the coldest night!

Spread the cheer –
Where a smile and walk about –
It’s time this year
For happiness and joy throughout!

Hand out the candy canes!
Make up the gingerbread!
Let’s place them all in a pattern!

And as the autumn wanes
Just let your heart be led
By those to whom you most matter!

Lights are shining all around
Hearts are floating, not run aground!
Feel the merriment, join the sound
Eternal Alchemy here too is found~

Everything’s connected
For us to unravel~
Mysteries dissected
Everywhere we travel~

Yet during this time of year
Even we can stop for cheer
So let us give a shout of joy
With each Asuran girl and boy!

Holographic Winterscape


Take a while to tour the city
See the scenery, so pretty
Each screen you come upon, a calculated masterpiece
Each moment dwelt upon, an Asuran symphony

Holographic they may be
But not a novice canopy
To master technology
Requires an advanced degree

So immerse yourself in the practiced hand
Of the Static students in high demand!
We’ve perfected this, and we mimic bliss
Just to share a simple winter kiss~

Distant landscapes presented here
All aflutter with winter cheer
Each constructed carefully
And convincing as they could be!


We will capture another Wintersday
It’s just a matter of when we may
Share again the intricacies
Of customs shared over the seas

But snow, snow and blizzards
And sands of white under the light
And frost in the vineyards
All sparkle here in the captured night

Come and see what it is we do
When Wintersday comes around for you
And share with us your favorite things
This holiday most surely brings!


Tixx’s Wintersday

Spontaneous curiosity
Drew us to the mystery
Of what is now and what may be
A Wintersday for history~

Tixx is making rounds today
See his toy Ventari play
As in The Grove he takes a stay
To watch the young Sylvari sway

Then through the Reach his little dolls
Wander freely through the halls
All wearing crowns and gowns for balls
And for their presents they do call

The Citadel did then behold
Tixx’s workshop proud and bold
Anchored their above their hold
With soldiers fitted to their mold!

Hoelbrak felt a gust arise
As the airship took their skies
And settled calmly so close by
The griffon plushies caught their eyes

To Rata Sum our brother came
Wandering back home again
He brought with him a golem strange
And offered to us its own frame

Wintersday, Wintersday!
See the cheer and craft displayed!
As Tixx and Toxx work round the clocks
To make their products and build stocks!

Lion’s Arch is waiting now
We will venture there somehow
And share the vision and the dream
That is a toy to make you beam

Spontaneous curiosity
Drew us to the mystery
Of what is now and what may be
Tixx’s day in history~

Farewell to Rata Sum

Here did we come
To grand Rata Sum
Where intellect rules the day

To bring you some cheer
For the new year
And to our carols sway

Sing in the season of bloom
Goodbye to the cold and the gloom
Of darkness in autumn and winter’s reign
Say hello to spring and warmth again

Oh oh we did come
Here to Rata Sum
To see and enjoy with our own eyes
The ingenuity of our allies

Count up your gifts
Count up your blessings
Those things which you hold dear

That which uplifts
Like holiday dressings
Your heart throughout the year

Now celebrate with us today
In song and stamp and gentle sway
As we sing the praises of Wintersday
And all through the world we say

Here’s to the spring
And the warmth she brings!
Here’s to the thaw of winter’s hold
Here’s to our allies both strong and bold
Who share in our toil today

Here’s to the light
Which vanquishes night
As the sun each morning rises!
Here’s to a world of surprises
As we share in our strengths today!

Oh Rata Sum
Has intellect won
In your esteemed halls?

Then let you come
To share in the fun
Outside your honored walls!

We wish you well this Wintersday
And many more for you to play
As time unfolds her certain way
For we must say farewell today!

Praises to you
And all who share
This holiday so bright

Let’s make anew
What is so fair
Even in her twilight

Promises to keep together
Promises that we will weather
Any challenge that may tether
The fates of our peoples together

Farewell to you
Of Rata Sum
With intellect so keen

We’ll sing of you
Should daylight come
To find us in places bare or green!

Disclaimer: All of these pretty, shiny names and things were in the GW2 universe and were used in my poems only because they are for my RP there. Please don’t think I’m wanting any credit to them…

The words:  Rata Sum, krewe, Wintersday, Eternal Alchemy, Asuran, Asura, Tixx, Toxx, Ventari, The Grove, Sylvari, the Reach, Hoelbrak, Lion’s Arch

My only rights are for the arrangement of the words, and I hope that has been able to bring a smile to your lips today.

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