Alnarie’s Song

Written by one of my non-bard characters. She’s been surrounded by song and poetry lately so she ended up composing a bit of her own… Poor thing, all wrapped up in a ponderous existence and praying it won’t chase her love interest away. Don’t worry, I’m a sucker for a happy ending! She won’t be alone at the end of the day!

Alnarie’s Song

The words of a song echo down the street
So warm and soft, that lone harmony
As dreams from their beds drift over the gloom
And wishes in heads stay safe in their rooms

Wandering, I’m wandering these lonely, cold roads
Of cobbled stone and pondering where they may go
Nowhere reality can find me, nowhere the dream becomes day
So lost and forgotten I must be as time slips so quickly away

Whispered words hang in the air of my path
Taunting jests linger there beyond my grasp
Can you take a moment to tell what’s true of me?
Or is it my torment that you can’t see?

Trapped between fancy and true I spend my hours
Dreaming up ways of breaking through the endless towers
So fortified against my finding what it is I seek
And spent wholly within the binding of sanity so meek

Will I wake to see you there, standing close beside
Or will I find the landscape bare when I open my eyes
And even myself be the dream I struggle to see through?
Life is not what it may seem no matter what you do.

Fear takes hold in my heart as my mind does cling
To the dearest single part in all of everything
Can love be an illusion like so much else is
Or is it the exclusion and security his?

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