Of Bards

Written by my bard, for my bard (and her colleagues).

Of Bards

Little bard, little bard
Where can your wings fly
Crafted of words as they are?

Surely not far
Across the blue sky
No matter the parchment you mark

But dreams have a way
Of changing things
Of reshaping day after day

And one dream can sway
Fate’s harshest strings
And alter life’s rules of play

A single word whispered on noble ears
Can be enough to assuage the worst of fears
Or said in the right tone to men at arms
Might be credited with halting undo harms

Little bard, little bard,
Let free your song
Born of the light in your heart

And travel afar
On adventures long
So you may play your part

2 thoughts on “Of Bards

  1. Using this, also the server came back out with 2.5, so when you feel like it one weekend we can get together and you can see the map.

    1. Awesome news. We will have to pick a time, though not this weekend or next, I’ve got a bunch of events going on for my little bardess the next couple.

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