My character who authored The Grey House ended up in the company of the patriarch through a curious turn of events… And… not a soul in his household made mention of her slander, resulting in this self-imposed rebuttal/addendum of/to her earlier work. Well done, House Grey! (An RP guild in GW2 on Tarnished Coast)


Grace and poise, society’s joy, ‘spite slander close at hand
And no noise could pray destroy the glamour of the grand

Tall houses nestled in trees
And safe so no danger could seize
The moments whispered of on the breeze

Free wanderers coming through
And sharing stories anew
Of all that this grand house might do

Hosting serpents graciously despite their fork-ed tongue
And thriving tenaciously while dark stories are sung

Who but a House so noble
Could hope to quiet the boastful
Singing their tales so woeful-ly?

A House rumored to be
Of ill repute, don’t you see
But whom comports themselves nobly!

I am speaking of that house my tongue has scathed before
And admitting that my mouth painted them too poor

For now I’ve stood in their company
And seen all that I could hope to see
And walked away so freely
To tell of their hospitality

Grey is a color of false allure
Or so I have said, yet I’m unsure
For now I believe they must endure
Their share of rumors impure

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