Small Poems

Just a couple small poems, written from occurrences in game in GW2. The first, about a charr:

Skaldy Whitemane

Fur of white so light it seems to glow…
In the night appearing white as snow…
But might and right are in his grasp
While fang and claw serve to the last…
He, keen as hunter, watches fields unfold…

Why does this warrior roam?
How long since he has been home?
Or is his home wherever he may go?

The second, about a young lord and his wolf companion:


Soft fur, gray paws,
And dirt, the cause
To stain a coat so white…

And friend for sure,
Of human Lord,
This wolf who’s by his side!

With pasts intertwining,
And memories finding,
Each steadfast through the night,

Who could be
More true than these
That share each other’s plight?

Beast, some may see
When looking at he
Who wanders with his human kin,

But they can’t know
Where friends must go
When such a bond begins

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