The Journey

Something exciting! A fellow artist, if one with more talents than my own, wanted to work with me on the song I’m sharing with you today. She composed music for it, and made a recording which means… You get to hear, if you choose to!

For more of her work, check her out on youtube!

Following this break is my original post, before her recording was done (Yeah, I prepare these in advance of them going live here.. So sue me!):

A song themed around a fantasy setting with a problem of slavers. A young child, and other passengers, on a vessel going south, to start their lives as slaves taken from their homes and reforged by experiences there. In the case of the child, the story ended relatively well. She earned her freedom when a traumatizing IC occurrence made magical talent manifest in her and pour free of her to assault her captors. In the case of the others? Who’s to say? The role play I was involved with followed but the story of the one girl, and it got me to thinking… Which, of course, led me to writing…

Enjoy, if a bit more somberly.

The Journey

Lost to the sea the young heart will be
As wave after wave strikes the shore
And gulls on the wing, tidings they bring
Of a land we will see no more.

Fare thee well ye lost child whose heart belongs at home
Seek thy way not tender nor mild lest thy path be hid in the loam
The ocean tide will follow ye where e’er ye deem to roam
And what ye knew once now will be forgotten ‘midst the foam

Dream a dream of places ye knew
Keep them close, keep them bold, keep them long
Forget not a detail of all ye’ve been through
As ye cling to ye memories strong

The ocean waves are climbing high above the rail
And unsure legs are finding that to the old they pale
Wave after wave beats on the deck of the ships that dare to sail
And each crewman prays they’ll not be a wreck when daylight starts to fail

Cling to the sound of the gull’s song
As it fades over the waves
Try to remember the snow’s fall
And the words the young child prays

The journey lasts for days on end as south the ship does go
To a strange, warm land where a tale begins of a girl so few would know
With eyes both wide and glistening and fear she dares not show
The lass will live by listening to the spirits of the snow

Wave after wave the bow does break
As the crewman drive it forward
And those who are not made of their make
Simply whisper of what lie shoreward

Pirates and worse may wait in port but they’ve not a choice to choose
For what they bring far from the north is a life they dare not lose
As land is made the life behind them fades for all but the few
Who can hold on to what they were then as the journey makes them anew

The creak of the boats
The break of the waves
The sound of the gulls above

They tell in their notes
The dance of the graves
These souls are dreaming of

2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I thought you could never one-up your already brilliant work, I was wrong and gladly so! Also, do you think more of your writings will be sung?

    1. Aww, thank you, Naeyni. I’m glad you liked the song. (ShyTooShy is awesome, isn’t she?)

      It’s possible more will be sung. The two of us seem to get along pretty well. I’ve told her she’s free to fiddle with and compose for any of the pieces I’ve shared online. (And I won’t lie, I would LOVE to see it happen, but it’s her time too of course.)

      Also, I’m planning to join you guys sometime next week at your game. Maybe meet some of these players who are curious about Kathleen d’Tiers. 🙂

      *Hugs*, and thanks again for the comment!

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