Ruin’s Secrets

A fairly generic poem about things one might find when exploring the ruins ravaged by time. Written specifically for Dungeons and Dragons type campaigns, though not for any specific D&D setting. 🙂

Ruin’s Secrets

What lies in ruin
Far to the south?
Statues and stories
Long from the mouth.

Memories of what once
Stood ‘neath the sun;
Paved roads and dwellings
Which once were young!

What have we forgotten
In history’s wake?
Not thought of often
Is this lonely place.

The dust now is mounting
Upon these stone floors,
Filling the fountains
That now run no more!

Each little nook here
Is hidden from sight
By collapse or cobweb
Spun in the night.

Tell me what have we
Left in this place?
What arts? What works?
What moments of grace?

What are we missing
we once had before?
What have we left now
Behind these closed doors?

Time will not turn
Against it’s flow
So what remains here
We may never know.

Faces of stone carved
Here in these halls
Remain obscured by
These crumbling walls.

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